Our 27th “Met-A-Versary”

27 years ago, April 25, 1993, timidly I pulled on my first pair of leather chaps with tall black boots, a leather shirt with a plain black leather vest, and hopped on my motorcycle. I rode to a basement apartment in downtown Washington DC.

I was there to meet some new friends who were starting up an “MC” club. My naivete at the time had me believing “MC” meant motorcycle. Ha!

Anyway, our new group gathered to join…
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Holding Pattern

I realized that I have not been writing much on this blog. Sorry about that… just not much to say. Spouse and I remain safely at home in a “holding pattern” for an indefinite period. We aren’t going anywhere, except for adventures to get groceries about every two weeks. That’s really it!

Meanwhile, I was considering selling off some of …
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Lacing a Boot Zipper into Boots

My loyal and long-time readers know that I am a big fan of boots in the style of station boots. They are about 9 inches (23cm) tall and have eyelets that are NOT meant to string a lace between (like loggers), but are meant to lace in a central boot zipper.

Once you lace in the zipper and break in the boot, you never will have to fool with the laces again. Just pull on the boot, zip it closed, and you’re off. As easy to take off the boots, too.

When I got my first pair of Chippewa Firefighter boots in 2007, I found the lacing technique…
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Court Summons of 7 Years Ago

Today marks 7 years since the Chief Judge of our county’s Circuit Court summoned Spouse and me to his chambers.

You shall appear at 10:00am in Room (x) of the County Judicial Center for proceedings that will change your life.

Not waiting to be picked up by the Sheriff, we drove ourselves to the County Seat, walked nervously into the courthouse, and made our way to the elevator to go to the 7th floor to find Chief Judge’s private chambers.

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