Preparing To Fly

Short blog… little time right now to write… I will fly on Sunday across the U.S. for a business meeting.

Before taking off, I will help seven of my senior pals stock up on groceries.

Afternoon update: I was planning on spending all afternoon on Saturday cooking meals for my spouse to eat while I am gone. He can fend for himself, but I prefer to leave him home-cooked meals that are better fitting for his special diet that is required to keep regaining health after his long illness.

I was elated when my friend who had that minor hypothermia incident (who I found before something awful happened) said, “let me prepare meals for your husband.” She brought over soups, stews, and casseroles — enough to keep my spouse (and an army) well-fed while I am away!

Love comes back … I am tearful but so very grateful. Freed up hours of my time so I can spend it with my spouse, enjoying his company.

I will write when I get to Reno and perhaps even post some photos.

Meanwhile, be safe, show those you love how you love them, and wear boots!

Cold Weather Adjustments

SpringsprungblogAlways happens, without fail, we get a cold snap about this time of year. It heralds oncoming winter, and what some people call “Indian Summer.” Technically, Indian Summer is a period of warmer days following the first killing frost of the season.

Last night, such a freeze was predicted. Lots of media hype about protecting outdoor plants was blasted all over the news and public alert systems.

As an avid daily motorcyclist, what did I do?
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The Z List

My spouse and I continue to find stories in the newspaper about same-sex couples who marry and have the marriage ceremony performed by a publicly prominent individual, including one of the most recent in New Jersey (congratulations, New Jerseyans, on becoming the 14th state +DC to provide marriage equality!)

In September, we read an article in our local newspaper about a Justice who serves on the U.S. Supreme Court conducting the marriage ceremony at the big A-Gay wedding of the President of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. That Justice also performed the same-sex marriage ceremony for the Director of Communications of a major U.S. Federal Government agency.

Readers of this blog know that I have served in public positions in my community. When you serve, even in minor public office as I did, you get to know people who serve in elected office at the local, state, and national level.

Did we think of asking someone who serves in visible, prominent leadership position to marry us?
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Softer Tall Leather Boots To Break In Breeches

Wescopatrol1I mentioned on a recent post that I was breaking in a new pair of leather breeches. My new breeches were tight around my hips and made me appear to walk stiffly. When I wore these breeches with Dehner patrol boots, which are rather stiff, I felt even more restrained.

On Sunday, I wore those leather breeches again to continue the break-in process, but I selected tall boots that were not nearly as stiff. What were those boots?
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Work Booted for Senior Safety Saturday

Twice each year, I am involved in a community project that I organized almost 20 years ago. We call the project now: “Senior Safety Saturday.”

For the past two months, I have been engaged in significant fundraising, while two senior pals recruited volunteers and reached out to fellow seniors who live in older homes that usually require repairs or modifications to make them more “senior friendly” and safe.

I am happy that once again, 59 seniors living in 47 homes (condos and houses) are now safer. We installed…
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Work Shift

Sorry, not much of a blog today. I am shifting what I do for work back to my regular duties. Actually, pulling a short double-shift today to ease the transition.

In one way, I was glad that my training, skills, and experienced were known and recognized so that I could be asked to work a different job for the last two weeks. That other job was much like I had done back in the days when I had to run when the bell rang. I prefer a more steady, “non-response,” proactive set of duties — more administrative and managerial than reactionary. But it goes to show that having the training, background, and experience to be flexible in employment pays off. I am among few who didn’t miss a beat while shenanigans were going on at the top of the legislative branch of the U.S. Government.

So for now… back to work; back to doing what I love.

Life is short: be a flexible professional!

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