Joy-In-The-Heart Ride

bridgeblog2Yesterday, the sun was shining — both in the sky and in my heart.

My “kid-bro” cousin came to my house on his motorcycle with his girlfriend (passenger). We took off to ride together.

That ride was about the most special, heart-warming, fun rides that I have had. Here’s why…
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Cleared To Ride

I had another CT scan of my back. This time, I had the results read by a physician with experience in evaluating muscle and ligament problems in the back.

I am very glad that I consulted with my insurance company to identify the correct professional to evaluate the results because…
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It’s Not the Destination, But the Journey

The phrase, “it’s not the destination, but the journey” has been around for a long time, often stated in articles in motorcycle-related media and elsewhere.

While I always believe in having an end-goal (i.e., “the destination”), how we get there can be — and should be — a fun adventure.

Lately, my life journey has certainly been an adventure, with many twists and turns, peaks and valleys, and challenges. And I cannot say that the last 10 days have been any fun at all.

So what’s my outlook on how the journey has been twisted?
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Being Observed

Hey there… BHD with an update, writing from beautiful “downtown” hospital room. (This reference is a throw-back to my age when its originator was used starting in 1968.)

Upsides up my insides revealed that…
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Booted, Barely

Hey there, loyal blog followers. BHD here, barely.

No, not “nekkid,” but not nearly at my full capacity. But I am oh-so-slowly adjusting to my newly-imposed “down time” due to a torn ligament in my lower back.

I tell ya, for someone like me who is accustomed to running 1000% full-tilt forward, the imposed mobility restrictions are…
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Attitude of Gratitude

SmilethumbI was reading a blog post written by a motorcop in California. He has been writing his blog for seven years, as long as I have been blogging, too. He observed over time that:

If you look back over the seven years of the life of this blog, you are likely to read a very cyn­i­cal man’s per­spec­tive on the world. “Cyn­i­cal” is a kind­ness, by the way. There was a sea­son in there where “Angry” is more apropos.

Further, he said that he began reading about leadership, the Bible, fiction and non-fiction. Like me, he arrived at the conclusion that…
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