Photos From My Favorite Island

I have said often that I love Puerto Rico. This is an island that one has to visit many times and let its charm grow on you. I have been going to Puerto Rico since 1989… muchos años ago.

From 1989 to 2019, 31 of my visits were mostly for work. My work sent me there for many, many weeks or months some times. Other visits were shorter to speak at conferences, to conduct training, and to do site inspections. For the shorter visits, I extended a few of them for a week and invited my husband to join me.

On all these visits, some of which were very hard, long, and challenging…
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Back, Booted, and on the Saddle

I had a great time on my favorite island. However, it was time to come back to my home in Maryland. My return flights were delayed but made it, so I have no complaints.

However, it is a hell of a lot warmer on the mainland than in Puerto Rico!

I have caught up on lost sleep, and today I pulled on a favorite pair of motorcycle boots — Chippewa Harness — and before it got too hot, I…
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State of Bootlessness

I know it has been a while since I wrote anything for this blog. Sorry, my mind isn’t on my boots, or knowledge thereof.

Currently, I am in a state (rather, a U.S. territory) where I am in a state (i.e., condition) of bootlessness.

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