Late October Summer Gear Ride

On Sunday, we had unseasonably warm temperatures. It reached 81F (27C), which in Maryland, USA, is near record-breaking for 30 October. I worked hard all day Saturday to free up my Sunday schedule so I could meet my favorite motorcycle riding cousin and ride the eastern-most chain of the Blue Ridge mountains.

We were looking for autumn color. However, in these parts…
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I Am As Married As He Is

Handsrings01Warning: rare rant alert.

The other day at the office, New Guy (well, he’s been here more than a year now, but he still is the newest member of the staff and at a rookie rank) returned from his honeymoon after his wedding of two weeks ago.

I congratulated him, and then he revealed his true character…
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Fall Leather and Leaf Color

I accomplished many chores over the weekend, from home fix-it jobs on the spouse’s “honey-do” list, to caring for my lovely senior pals in taking them grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, and other fun stuff like that.

I was all done by early afternoon on Sunday. The spouse said, “considering that the weather is so nice today, and that you will be having to take care of me after tomorrow’s procedure, why don’t you go for a ride on your Harley?

Man, he didn’t have to ask me twice. I called…
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I am usually a “get it done” kinda guy because I have an ability to apply a laser-like focus to work and tasks I set out to do. Having that type of focus has not been innate; I had to learn how to avoid distractions that would divert attention and keep me from completing even the most simple tasks.

I cannot say that as a child that I had ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but I know that I was scatter-brained. I would flit from one thing to another, and my Mom would…
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Volunteer Mission for Senior Safety

Blogalarm1Today, October 15, marks the 23rd (can’t believe it, but it is) Senior Safety Saturday that I am leading in the area where many older people live in my hometown neighborhood. With a cadre of some 100 volunteers, including many guys & gals who are with the Fire Department where I am a Life Member, we will…
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