Distracted Thinking

This morning while on my way to work aboard my Harley, I had a number of things on my mind. My spouse’s pain and inability to walk… a major problem within my professional association that reflects poorly on my legacy… a number of items on my “to-do” list at work with pressing deadlines… and having to take off work on Friday to drive to the mother-in-law’s to fix the DVD player that we got for her a few months ago.

All typical, every-day things that many people have going on in a busy life.

But thinking about those heavy matters caused me to have a number of close-calls. I quickly snapped…
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A 22 Year Journey

rp_Us01.jpgI use the word “journey” a lot when I refer to my relationship with my spouse. Like all couples, we have had our joyous times, our down times, our travelin’ times, our comfy-at-home times, our happy times, our sad times, our best-friendiest times, our angry times, our in-sync times, our not-so-in-sync times, our healthy times, and our not healthy times.

Whatever times we have had over the past 22 years since we met in that fateful date (April 25, 1993), I can honestly say…
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Six Month Milestone

It has been an incredible and rough three-year journey for my spouse as he has dealt with three simultaneous infections born by a tick bite. Months and months of agony, being seen by more than 50 medical professionals, being prescribed more than 160 different drugs, and ongoing fights with a narrow-minded “big pharma”-funded group who deny that his condition could ever exist. Yet with persistent care from a superb general practitioner has brought us to a point that…
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Too Quick in the Saddle

Spring has been very slow to come to my part of the world. Sure, we have had some nice, sunny days, but seldom more than two in a row. Much more rain and cold has been the regular pattern, which makes this booted biker “cage-crazy.” That is, I have had to drive my four-wheeled vehicle instead of my Harley more often than I usually do in April.

In fact, past patterns of March and April motorcycle riding for this data-driven guy indicate…
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Week’s Travel: Day 2 Well Done

Day 2 of my “where in the world is BHD?” took me on a long walk at dawn — five miles, according to my pedometer. This was my view:CtrAfter returning to my hotel where I showered and changed, I was picked up by a colleague who took me to a meeting place where a number of local professionals joined…
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