UPS Thievery

I have been rather quiet on this blog during the last few weeks while I have been simmering in anger with United Parcel Service (UPS).

As I have mentioned, I began trying to sell some of my leather gear and boots.

A guy who has a keen eye for quality purchased…
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Skills Practice

I have been riding motorcycles for more than 40 years. Thus one might think I know how to ride safely.

Road riding is generally good… until it isn’t. “Things happen” like a vehicle suddenly crossing your path of travel, debris in the road, or an animal deciding to run out in front of you and freeze.

Crash avoidance is a skill that even the most experienced riders need to practice, especially…
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Update on BHD Gear Sales

I mentioned on this blog that I am downsizing my leather and boots collections. I have made more adjustments to the BHD Gear Sales Site in response to some visitor feedback, as well as listed more items.

What changes have been made to my sales site? Why am I selling my gear & boots? Why am I doing this via my own site instead of existing merchandise sale sites? If you see some of my boots or gear not shown on the sales site, is it available? Will you sell boots or gear beyond the U.S. or Canada? Read on…
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