Social Media Political Neutrality

EqualredplainReaders who regularly follow my blog know that I am in a committed relationship with the man I have loved for just about 20 years. He is my rock, my sunshine, my thought-provoker, my hunk, my bestest friend, my noggin-knockin’ noodle, and much more. We are engaged to be married sometime this year, since same-sex marriage is now allowed in the state where we live, the Free State of Maryland, here in the good ol’ USA.

As many people around the world know, there are two cases that were presented before the United States Supreme Court this week that are related to same-sex marriage. There has been much commentary in the news media, and especially on social networks.

So why haven’t I said anything or changed my social media profile photo to any of the images shown here?
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“How” Questions About Boots

Here are more examples of actual, as-written, as-searched, boot-related “how” questions that direct visitors to my website or this blog. Some questions are serious, some are strange, and some are amusing. If you are wondering, I can “see” the questions that direct visitors to my website/blog, but I cannot tell who the visitor actually is. I respect privacy. I figure, though, if at least one person is asking via a search engine, then others may have the same questions.

Here goes…
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Cop’s Intro: My Gay Friend

I had to do the weekly grocery shopping by myself yesterday as my fiance was not feeling in any shape to go with me. The meds he is taking to treat the relapse of his illness cause great fatigue.

Anyway, as I entered the store, I saw one of my senior pals. She looked rather upset. I stopped to ask what was going on, when a cop walked up and said…
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My World Isn’t Gay or Straight

Funny, someone entered an internet search that seemed to reveal this Texas-based smartphone-user was surprised to find out that I am gay:
BHDisgayYep, I am. Booted Harleydude is gay. There, I said it. Any difference now that you know? I hope not. After all, I am the same guy that I have been all along.

I continue to have a debate with myself, and sometimes in reaction to what I read on some discussion forums or in exchange with some friends, about “how gay I am” or if the Gay Police will confiscate my gay card because I am not “gay enough.”

I continue to affirm that I am who I am, with some identities or feelings from the gay guy world, and some from the straight guy world. Rather than feel divided and left out of both, let me explain how I feel included as part of both worlds — a much better place to be!
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