Boot Reviews

MCbootsOver the years, I have purchased, worn, tried, and/or read about many different brands of boots. I have received a number of email messages asking me for opinions on this-or-that brand of boots, or from people who have said that my website or this blog helped them as they did research about boots.

In 2010, while confined at home to recover from an ankle break, I created my boots wiki that I thought could be a collaborative way for guys to contribute knowledge about boots. Well, the “contribution” part didn’t work. But the ability to add, edit, and display information continued.

So today, I have information about hundreds …
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There Are Good, Honest People In This World

I refrain from writing about news-of-the-day on this blog, especially when there are political overtones, because inevitably others who disagree get angry and do things from attempting to hijack this blog’s comments section, to initiating cyber-attacks on my server. (Yep, that has actually happened.)

But I cannot let an awful, evil situation that happened at an LGBT nightclub in Florida go by without comment. However, I will contrast my comment with another about someone stepping up and doing the right thing, admitting fault in causing my recent motorcycle crash.
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