Life Rolls On

Slight delay in posting… things have been busy in the ol’ BHD household. My spouse, my work life, Harley repairs, rental house renovations, and my daily life in the community have kept me quite busy.

But life rolls on, sweetly on a Harley that feels new.
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Difference Between Firefighter Boots and Wildland Firefighter Boots

Ahhh… how one word makes a huge difference in boot design and use.

So what is the difference between “firefighter boots” and “wildland firefighter boots”, also known as “fire boots” or by the names applied to the boots by their respective manufacturers, such as “Firestormer” (Wesco) and “Smokejumpers” (White’s Boots).

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Made-to-Measure and Custom Boots

Legendary05I have a good friend who admires quality, custom-made cowboy boots. He asked me some questions about how to order custom boots, including about custom lasts and whether it is necessary to travel to a custom bootmaker or if it is okay to place an order sight unseen. Having ordered and received a few pairs of custom boots (both cowboy and motorcycle boots), I am answering him in this blog.
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Boots of the Past Week

A mid-June week in the Northern Hemisphere, with our first “heat wave” (albeit 2.5 days), and the HHH has returned to the Worshinun arear (pronounced air-eee-ur). Gotta get the local vernacular right, right cheer in Worshinun. (If you’re not sure what I’m saying, go ax a local.)

I wore an average number of pairs of boots this week…
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Inspiring Men to Wear Boots

WorkLately, six guys have written to me to ask a question about boots, and each of them began with telling me that for some reason, this blog and my website have inspired them to wear boots and encourage others to do the same.

I really am amazed at that, especially with an unusual number of real people writing to me. I usually receive an average of just two to four inquiries each month.

What is my “secret” to inspire men to wear boots?
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