Great Alternative to Unavailable Chippewa Harness Boots

For many years on this blog and on my website, I have been very enthusiastic about the quality, durability, and function of Chippewa Harness Boots. Boots of this style are classic and ageless. Bikers have been wearing harness boots for decades.

Unfortunately, Chippewa brand harness boots were discontinued a few years ago, and it seems as if the company (Justin Brands, the owner of the Chippewa label) will not bring them back. Such a pity and a loss…

There are literally dozens of makers of harness boots out there, and I have tried and worn many of them over the years.

What I liked most about Chippewa harness boots included…
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Catching Up

I know I have not written on this blog in quite some time. Since I last wrote on March 17 (almost two months ago!), I have completed two trips, and have four more trips planned this year (Los Angeles, Canadian Rockies, Arizona’s biker highways, and winter holidays in Puerto Rico.)

I spent three weeks in Puerto Rico in April. One week for fun, one week for “work,” and another week attending and speaking at a conference. The “fun” part of this journey was not as much fun because someone I had invited to join me was unable to come. I felt let down, but made the best of it.

I visited my friends, swam in the Caribbean Sea with my husband’s spirit at our favorite secluded beach, and tolerated daily interruptions for virtual meetings that seemed to interrupt my free time right in the middle of each day.

While I am retired, I consider my participation on academic and professional groups that I lead and on which I am heavily engaged as “work.” Constant meetings, tons of email, writing papers, and preparing presentations were soul-sucking.

I returned home during the last week of April with a medical …
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