Last Group Ride?

I carved out time in my usual overloaded weekend schedule to go for a ride with long-term friends from my former motorcycle riding club. The destination was in a lovely setting in the rolling Appalachian mountains on the eastern end of what’s known as the Blue Ridge. This area is in northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania.

Seven riders, including me, got together for this ride (which ultimately was 166 miles/267km). A sunny and warming day beckoned. However…
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Dehner Patrol Boots: Wayfarer

Dehner patrol boot WayfarerAs I wrote on this blog on July 10, 2019, a long-standing boot retailer, Big Black Boots, closed up shop in July. This internet-only boot reseller company was very well known and respected in the “Bootman’s Community”, especially among those of us who admired a certain commanding appearance of certain brands of boots.

Big Black Boots specialized in fitting and selling Dehner motorcycle patrol boots and Wesco boots, in particular the logger, engineer (Boss), and harness boots.

In honor of the owners of this company’s contributions to my knowledge about these boots, and also having been a customer since the mid-80s when they first opened their business (via mail order), I bought…
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Back Home, Going Again

I had a tremendously busy yet successful trip to two states on our West Coast last week. Good that I am a seasoned road warrior, chaining together three airlines with several one-way and one round-trip flight to four locations that are rather remote.

The travel included going to and through two major cities…
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