Holding Pattern

I realized that I have not been writing much on this blog. Sorry about that… just not much to say. Spouse and I remain safely at home in a “holding pattern” for an indefinite period. We aren’t going anywhere, except for adventures to get groceries about every two weeks. That’s really it!

Meanwhile, I was considering selling off some of …

…my boot collection. I own over 270 pairs of boots, and can safely say that I only wear about a dozen or so different pairs now. The rest are collecting dust.

I have nowhere to wear them since I retired. While I do get dressed every day, most days I just pad around the house in socks. I may pull on boots to do some landscaping work with Spouse in the yard, or go fetch mail (when I get it). But most of the time while in the house, no boots are on my feet.

Before I stopped working, I was considering “thinning the herd” as a thing to do during my first year of retirement because I would have more time to take pictures and post sales in various media forms.

However, with the disastrous downturn in the economy and so many people out of work and desperate to generate some income to pay essential bills (rent, mortgage, groceries, health insurance, utilities), I noticed that eBay is flooded with boots. Many many more boots available for sale than ever before.

I have decided not to compete with people who truly need to generate income on which to live. And, unfortunately, the law of “supply and demand” is at play. The supply of used boots on eBay is so plentiful, the prices are way down. Sad, but expected outcome.

Anyway, my boots, Spouse, and I will sit tight and stay home… safely.

Life is short: be safe, stay home, and ignore the ignoramus Covidiot in the White House.