Thunder But No Rolling

ThunderbikersThe Sunday before the U.S. Holiday of Memorial Day is the date for an annual event called “Rolling Thunder.” This event honors those who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. military, especially those who served in Vietnam.

This huge motorcycle rally involves a few hundred thousand bikers, as well as many more tens of thousands of supporters who line the route of what’s called the “First Amendment Run.” That run (aka motorcycle ride)…
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A Guy’s Daily Boot Care

Chipshinelug28I admit it — I am a typical guy when it comes to things like caring for boots. I don’t want to take time to strip wax, condition the leather, and build a mirror shine finish on my leather boots. Well, I have a few exceptions, but the general rule is: pull ’em on or lace ’em up, mount the saddle of my Harley, and be off.

Who wants to waste time shining boots? Conditioning leather? I have more important things to do than sit around fiddling with boot care products.

Yep, I’m a typical guy when it comes to this stuff. Many motorcops I know feel the same way.

So what does THIS Bootman do when confronted with questions via email asking, “since you have so many boots, you must care for them. What do you recommend?”
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Dress Boots

A friend of mine asked me to explain what I consider to be “dress boots.” These are boots that go well with suits and dress clothes worn to work in an office, to church, or for dressy social occasions.

Many men search for information on whether or not they should wear boots with dress clothes. I am a firm believer in doing that, and I do every day. I do not own any dress shoes, so when the occasion calls for dressing up for meetings with The Big Cheese or to attend a wedding, church service, or a formal event, here are some descriptions and suggestions for men’s dress boots.
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Still Not a Fan of H-D Footwear and Gear

rp_Meride.jpgReaders of this blog know by its title and numerous posts that I ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. My bike is well-made, runs well, and is a joy to ride.

But I am not among those who have drunk the “brand koolaid” and wear everything with the well-known Harley-Davidson brand image (what they call the “bar and shield”*) on it, especially the boots. Why?
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Best Geared Biker

Revit13My motorcycle club leader is trying new ways to get members to attend regular monthly meetings. Last month, she organized having a technician from the local Harley dealership show us how to check and maintain engine oil. That was a great thing for all of us to learn and employ as we ride our Harleys.

For the most recent meeting, the subject of a meeting reminder email was “Leather and Lace.” In it, she said,
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Remodeling Accomplished

I said in a post on March 26 that I had lost my mind, but only in the sense that I had bought another house that had gone up for sale by auction. The previous owner had died without a will and the local government auctioned it pretty much for settlement of back taxes and accumulated fees. (Trust me — a LOT of taxes and fees accumulated!)

I followed the spouse’s advice, and hired four hard-working local residents to remodel the house following my plans and directions. Now, in just five weeks…
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