A Brother’s Observations

Hey there, this is J. I am BHD’s twin brother. My wife and I are visiting him again this Christmas. It has been a much better visit than last year, when I came after the holiday to spend a month helping to care for my brother-in-law during about the worst of the downside of a relapse of his ongoing infections.

This year, once again, I am watching the most expert organizer and a man of exceptional patience “do his thing.” What’s up?
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Post-Christmas Ride

My spouse had a long list of chores to do on the day after Christmas. Fortunately, we got the chores done rather quickly.

My brother and his wife wanted visit some of our family, my mother-in-law had that hungry look in her eye. So I tossed my brother the keys to my truck and said, “it’s yours for the rest of the day.”

I got busy feeding the bottomless pit … I mean my mother-in-law. But after lunch, the sun was brilliant and it was unusually warm for this time of year. My spouse graciously suggested,
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These days leading up to Christmas find me at home. Off work on leave. I have been busy, though, but different from the usual hustle-and-bustle of work-work-work and community caring activities with my senior pals. I find myself engaged mostly in…
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Boots Worn Recently

I posted recently that I was not writing blogs about what boots I wore each day during the week because it took a lot of time do construct those detailed posts. However, in response to some comments and emails I received, my commentary of “boots of some period of time” has returned, albeit more abbreviated. Here goes…
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I Have Straight Friends

Okay, I am coming clean. I am admitting for the first time, publicly, that I have straight friends.

I sat my spouse down last night and told him the truth — the complete story — that his spouse of 21+ years has straight friends and that I have been in touch with them by email or even over lunch last Friday.

But don’t worry about it… just because some of my male friends are straight does not mean…
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Spouse’s Recovery

Blogpost2I have been hesitant to post anything on this blog about my spouse’s ongoing health condition as he continues the fight to recover from the serious long-term infections he had been dealing with almost this entire year when he had a major relapse starting last December. But now…
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