BHD Video Removal Notice

Ol’ Booted Harleydude produced a bunch of videos back in the day about boots and leather. Some of the videos were just for fun; some were tutorials, such as tips on breaking in new Dehner Patrol Boots or ordering Wesco Boots.

Those “old” videos were posted between six and 12 years ago. The collection is here.

Today I just caught up with comments on those videos, some of which have been waiting in moderation for a year. Obviously, I don’t check that YouTube channel often.

Unsurprisingly, about half of those comments were…
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Wearing Leather Builds Self-Confidence

As some people, including me, have said over time — it takes guts to wear certain articles of clothing out in public, especially if others are not accustomed to seeing you wearing such items such as boots and/or leather garments (besides a leather jacket.)

I cannot tell you how many people have written to me or searched this blog about “men wearing boots to the office / church / in general.” Same goes for wearing leather pants or jeans, which I wrote about in my last blog post.

The general gist of these questions have been concerns about…
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Comfort In Leather

This blog has its roots in promoting the natural feel of comfort of wearing boots and leather garments. For the past several months (years?), I have strayed a bit from the boots-n-leather blogging to share more personal musings about my life, same-sex marriage, travel, motorcycle riding as a guy ages, (lots of “as a guy ages” posts), and other material not related to the roots of this blog.

Having learned of the unfortunate death of CalRider, the founder of the “Gear365” movement, I have discovered more and more of his great work in video, writings, and social media. I decided that I would describe my own feelings and recommendations about wearing leather, in tribute to a man I never met or corresponded with, but who is sort of a younger, more hip, more fit, more articulate, and much more attractive me.

So here goes… why wear leather? … (more after the jump)
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Wearing Leather While Flying

#Gear365Way early on this blog, I wrote a number of posts about “air travel with leather gear.” I wrote those posts as a service to Leathermen who may be flying to attend events like Mid-Atlantic Leather or International Mr. Leather. The posts and website content have been based on my experience in flying over 2 million air miles in my lifetime, as well as “kinda liking” to wear leather garments.

Those posts linked to my website where I…
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Serious and Silly Email

One may think that I receive a large number of messages via this blog and my website, but I really don’t get more than 2 – 3 per week (other than stupid spam, that despite recaptcha, still gets through. I delete all of those.)

Most of the messages I receive are interesting and are serious questions from someone; a few, like one I received this morning, are silly. That one …
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Boots, Gear, and Blogging

I realize that most readers of this blog come here for anything other than political rants, yet here I have been in the last several weeks (and actually for months) allowing this blog to be overcome by my feelings of contempt for the political climate in the United States. What is hardest for me is that I have served…
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