Mobile-Friendly Website Adjusting

Admittedly, I remain a steadfast dinosaur when it comes to acquiring and using a mobile device. For many years, I have strongly resented the outrageous prices charged for data plans that enable smartphones. Companies that are filthy rich get richer off those who pay whatever the companies want to charge, and in my opinion, are throwing away thousands of dollars every year in exchange for the minor conveniences that these devices offer.

Believe me, people still got along quite fine in the days before these devices became ubiquitous.

However, I realize that…
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Avoiding Black Friday

Another all too-short blog post…

Yes, we survived yet another Thanksgiving Feastival. 102 guests… about average. We had a great time, and I am grateful to my family for all of the help, but most of all, to my legion of senior pals who made the day terrific.

Today, I am doing my best to avoid the computer. I admit, I have a weakness when it comes to…
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Happy Day

Sorry, I really don’t have time to write a more substantial blog post today. Busy preparing for our “no senior goes hungry or lonely” feastival that we are hosting.

So I wish all my U.S. readers a very Happy Thanksgiving, and thank everyone, no matter where you are from, for being a loyal follower of this blog and my ramblings.CBTGLife is short: share joy.

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Choices: WW(BHD)D?

Every day we are faced with choices. What to eat? Where to go? Buy a product or service…. But the more challenging decision are those about what one would do when having to make a choice about getting involved in something dividing others; choosing to say something nice vs. not anything at all; or making a comment/voicing an opinion that is often a judgment on someone else.

Those who are of the Christian faith sometimes are heard asking, “what would Jesus do?” (WWJD) [to act in a manor that demonstrates the love accredited to Jesus in how he cared for others.]

This past week, I had several people tell me that they ask themselves, “what would (BHD) do?” (They use my real name). Man, that’s a heavy burden to think that I am considered an example to follow.
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Learning Not To Take Things So Seriously

I had a very productive and enjoyable trip to a U.S. state well-known for boots, and wasn’t disappointed with the bootedness (LOL), but am now back home and getting back into the swing of things.

During my trip, I interacted with thousands of people, from airport security dudes to airline flight attendants to hotel staff to attendees of the meeting which was the purpose of my travel.

Most people are courteous, but there are a few who take themselves much too seriously. Examples:
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Blog Break for Travel

I am going on travel for professional reasons. I will be very busy at the location where I am going. I regret that I will not have time to post blog messages while I am away.

My spouse is not going with me. He cannot travel due to his physical disability and frankly, I think this thing that I am going to would bore him, while I will find it professionally stimulating.

Yes, I am being intentionally vague about where I am going and what I will be doing. A slight hint — the location is within the United States and is boot-friendly. 🙂

Check back late this week when I will resume postings.

Meanwhile, remember:

Life is short: wear boots!

More on Motorcycle Engineer Boots–Reviews

Sutton2Recently, I exchanged email with someone who read boot reviews on my website. He rides a motorcycle and also works in an office like I do, so when he chooses boots to wear while commuting with his motorcycle, he wants the boots to have a good-looking appearance — suitable for office wear. Note, I refrain from saying “business wear,” because I am not talking about a business suit — more like “business casual” wear which is customary nowadays in most U.S. offices. (Thankfully… though I have been a leader in that “trend” long before it became the norm here in the U.S. LOL.)

The guy who wrote to me sent me some comments and a review that he posted about Frye Sutton boots, shown here. In his email…
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