25 Years Later

When I arrived home from work on April 25, the Spouse greeted me with a “happy anniversary!”

I had a very busy and distracted day, and had a lapse of memory. Wow… we met 25 years ago on April 25, 1993. Who woulda thunk that we would build a life of love and commitment as it has turned out to be. (Here is a post on this blog about the day we met.)

We hugged, and sat down to reminisce a bit.

Fast-forward to the present day, when…
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Boots for Comfort

Admittedly, I am an unabashed fan of boots. I wear several pairs of boots each day, depending on what I am doing and where I am going. I wrote a while ago on a post titled Bikers: Where Are The Boots? that at a motorcycle rider’s group training conference, a large number of men were wearing sneakers because they said that sneakers were more comfortable than boots.


I was pleased to receive a comment on that post recently that affirmed my assertion that boots are comfortable. That comment said,
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25th Senior Safety Saturday

Blogging took a back seat to life… lots of life-activities going on around the ol’ BHD homestead this weekend. A large part of it was a major event that earned me my Life Membership in my local fire department.

This past Saturday marked the 25th time that about 40 friends and I executed our “Senior Safety Saturday” event. This is when we…
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That Motorcycle Itch

I am struggling… divided… personally challenged… am I old? How old is old anyway? Is there a “too old for” this-or-that? Too old for going on another crazy-awesome motorcycle adventure? Too old to ride a motorcycle any more at all?

Is it age? Is it physical infirmity? Is it focus and motivations elsewhere like spousal caregiving?

Just what IS it that is causing these internally divided feelings?

Ah ha! I know! The “IT” that is the root cause of these feelings is…
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Cherry Cheer-Up Diversion

Hi, loyal blog readers. This post is a little delayed. Spouse is sick. Again. Always. Even for this very patient person, the ongoing complaints about chronic problems is taxing on my soul. We have seen over 60 specialists now (over four years), and had countless tests done. The results…
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