Guys and Gals Love the Boots

I’ve been really busy at work, going from meeting to meeting and “doing my thing.” I enjoy having a job that I love to do and for which I am appreciated.
SnakesworkIt was raining yesterday, so I couldn’t ride my Harley for the regular commute. I chose to wear a new pair of Black Jack white python boots. These boots are great — very well-made, pegged soles, and have a solid cowboy boot “clunk” when I walk in them.

As I was going from meeting to meeting yesterday, boots worn with black dress slacks and a white striped dress shirt (no tie, thankfully)…
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New Boots for High School

My great nephew began wearing boots to school when he entered high school last year. I had the honor of taking him boot shopping last year, where he picked up two pairs of boots. He also received a new pair of dressy Lucchese boots for Christmas. With three pairs of boots, he has become quite the young “bootman” and seldom wears sneakers any more, except when he plays sports. He thinks boots are cool.

A few weeks ago at a family birthday party, I asked him if he thought he had enough pairs of boots, or if he were interested in buying another pair to wear when school starts this year. His reply…
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Sunshine on Cops

Saturday was stunning weather-wise. Bright sunshine and no humidity with moderate air temperatures.

I led a motorcycle ride to Virginia to watch motorcops compete in a large motorcycle police rodeo (they call it a “police motorcycle riding competition”.) I saw lots and lots of these…Cops04
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How Long Have You Been Married?

I am still on travel for work. I am enjoying what I am doing, though I miss my spouse a lot. I speak with him on the phone each evening, but it’s not the same as having his warm embrace when I get home from work, and to listen to his stories and share our tales of each other’s days.

I was with a group of colleagues at dinner and said as much — I miss my spouse. To that, a colleague asked,
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Non-Cop Motorcycle Escort

My spouse has not driven his own car for some 18 months due to a restriction placed upon him by his physician. His long-term illness caused severe dizzy spells that would occur without warning. He could not be behind the wheel of a car if one of those severe spells happened, or risk death of himself and others.

But his doc evaluated his condition again and authorized my spouse to drive if he wanted to since my spouse has been “spell-free” for over three months. So we planned a “re-orientation to driving” event of our own.
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Lug-Soled Chippewa Hi-Shine Engineer Boots

Chipshinelug28I was delighted that a boot retailer that I have liked to buy boots from offered Chippewa Hi-Shine (model 71418) boots with a Vibram 100 (“big lug”) sole. So many men have asked me, “does Chippewa make boots with lug soles?” and my answer has been, “no, sorry, they don’t.” Then they see my Chip Hi-Shine lug-soled boots and ask, “so how did you get yours?”

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