Asked for Dates

Hmmm… I did not think that I would be asked for a date again by anyone. There are many more handsome younger men available.

I do not go out socially (much), and do not go to bars, restaurants, or other locations where singles mingle.

I still have trouble considering myself “single.” Even after three years since my husband’s death, I still feel married. As closely as we were bonded, it really wasn’t “until death did we part.” I really do not like to check boxes on forms that says “widowed.”

However, I was pleasantly and humorously surprised when not one but two people recently approached me, at first to compliment my suit (never thought a suit would do that!), then strike up a conversation that led…

… to being asked out.

First situation was last week when I wore my power suit (with a navy tie so as not to be political) when testifying before local elected officials.

The way it works is that those of us who are on the list to give testimony are called to a long table with seating for six in the front of the room when it’s our turn. There are six chairs and six microphones.

So when it was my turn, I was seated in position #2 with a “cellphone-possessed” attorney to my left (I swear, he never looked up from his stupidphone until it was his time to speak.)

A woman a little younger than me was to my right.

While I gave my three minutes of testimony, she listened to me with rapt attention. When she gave her testimony, she referred to mine — as if we had rehearsed together. But this is the first time I ever saw her.

After our group finished giving our testimony, we were dismissed and the next group moved to the front table.

Knowing this was going to be a long, long, dull night, and nothing more from me was expected, as well as it was getting late, I decided to leave.

When I walked out of the building, the woman who was seated next to me saw me and introduced herself. She complimented my testimony… then looked me up & down and said, “that’s a really nice suit you have on.” Okay… thanks.

We chatted for a while, then she asked if I wanted to have coffee. I thanked her, but declined. “Time to head home and hit the sack.”

I thought that was it, but she smiled and said, “well, would you like to meet for dinner? I’d like to get to know you.”

While I am old, I am not dead. I could read the signals. She was really, I mean really, studying my suit from my face to my boots.

Boots? Oh yeah, I wore my Rujo Boots black caiman dress boots with the suit. Why not?

Long story short, I was gentle but explained, “sorry, I am not interested. I am gay. I don’t date women.”

She smiled meekly back at me and said, “all the good ones are either married or gay.”

I giggled, smiled, and thanked her for the compliment and for her flattery.

But wait! There’s more!

Yesterday, I was wearing my Brooks Brothers blue sharkskin suit “just because.” I went to the dry cleaners to pick up some dress slacks I had dropped off to have cleaned.

The place was rather busy. While waiting in line, a nice young man was standing behind me.

He smiled at me and said, “that’s a cool suit. If you don’t mind, will you tell me where you got it?”

As I answered him, I could tell he was interested in more than the suit as he continued the conversation. I could see that he was studying my Brooks Brothers Gay Pride Necktie and pocket square.

Again, I am oblivious sometimes. I totally forgot that I was wearing accessories that signaled I am gay.

While I may be slow, it dawned on me that he was hitting on me. I could see it in his mannerisms, smile, and the way he talked to me.

I thanked him for all the compliments, and thought that would end it.

But he continued and asked, “after this, would you like to get coffee?”

This guy was nice-looking and obviously interested in me, but he was probably in his mid-20s. I don’t date such youth. I am *not* a Daddy.

I thanked him for the offer yet politely declined. No, not gonna happen.

But man, what a pick-me-up!

Life is short: there seem to be more reasons for wearing a suit.

2 thoughts on “Asked for Dates

  1. Howdy. I would be your date as a leatherman, feeling and hearing the leathers and enjoying a night exploring the skies in the Land of Enchantment. Like yourself, I am now a widower, my husband died on July 1, 2021 from COPD. Taken a long time to get back to normal.

    • Hi, Peter,

      First, I extend my condolences on the loss your husband. I know exactly what you mean and how it feels.

      Second, thanks for the offer of a date. If you meant by “Land of Enchantment” the state of New Mexico, then I am sorry, I have no plans to travel to your state.

      Don’t get me wrong — I have enjoyed New Mexico during the many times I visited there before. It’s a lovely state.

      I have other places to which I intend to travel and New Mexico isn’t one of them.

      But thanks for the offer! I wish you well. /Rick

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