My LeatherHunk

These photos were taken in our back yard just five years ago today.

I miss my husband, my “leatherhunk,” my leather soul(mate), my man. I march forward with purpose in my life, but I still miss him a lot and always will have very fond memories of the man who completed me.
Life is short: enjoy fond memories.

Motorcycle Gear Choices

I have ridden motorcycles for more than four decades, and enjoy it. Over the years, I have acquired, tested, and worn many different motorcycle gear products designed for wear for rider protection and comfort.

“Back in the day” like all Model T Fords, I could have any color of gear I wanted as long as it was black. Black leather. Denim & leather jeans. Black boots. Black gloves. And that was about it–though even back when I first started riding, I could choose a helmet color that was brighter and more visible than black.

Technology innovations and fabric improvements nowadays affect my choices of what to wear when I ride, as well as my level of tolerance of heat, cold, and humidity.

I always wear motorcycle boots, but above my feet, what I wear varies based on the ambient air temperatures and humidity for safe, protective, riding gear.

Here are my current choices of what I wear and why–
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Riding Reset

Friday February 11 and Saturday the 12th, we had delightful unseasonably warm(ish) weather in Maryland. After taking care of chores at home, I stopped reminiscing of my last trip to Puerto Rico with my beloved husband (two years ago this week), turned off the blasted computer and …
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Sad Demise of Chippewa Motorcycle Boots

For decades, the Chippewa brand of boots were THE boots to have and wear when riding a motorcycle, hanging out with bikers, or at leather fetish bars & events.

Who else besides me noticed the tough-looking tall Chippewa engineer boots on other guys? The oil-tanned tough-biker looking style, or the patrol boot style on a motorcycle police officer?

For us regular bikers, two serious choices of Chippewa motorcycle boots included…
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