Changes of Plans

Usually on April 1, I post some silly April Fools Day joke. But in these times of a world-wide pandemic, today is not the day for silliness. Following is no joke.

Spouse and I are safe in our home in Maryland. We have been home from a weird trip to Hawaii for over a week now, and have been self-isolating (not quarantine, but isolating ourselves at home) since we got home.

We are not showing signs of illness, and as far as we know, we are not infected with the novel coronavirus.

Even inside our home, we have been maintaining physical distance from each other. We both are cleaning surfaces and washing our hands frequently.

We have gone outdoors to enjoy nice Spring weather by walking around our property. I have taken daily walks around the neighborhood. Spouse cannot walk well, so he exercises differently, but keeps the blood moving and muscles muscular. Woof!

We have changed some plans that we had made for this year.

  • As regrettable as it is, my buddy “S” and I cancelled our planned second “Crazy-Awesome Motorcycle Adventure” in the U.S. Southwest that we had arranged for mid-June. Cancelled airline flights, motorcycle rentals, and hotels. We hope to reschedule this ride to June 2021.
  • Spouse and I will not travel any more for at least the rest of this year. We were planning to go back to Canada in late June or July, but we are not going to do that now.
  • Spouse needs surgery to help relieve the pain in his hips and improve his ability to walk. However, last thing we want to do is visit doctors, get x-rays, and schedule surgery at a hospital. Most elective surgeries are cancelled anyway, but should surgeries be allowed, we’re still putting this off until after a vaccine for COVID-19 is available and we get it.

Unfortunately, the United States is doomed to have the world’s worst effects of the novel coronavirus and its resulting disease due to ignorance and arrogance of the Chief-of-Denial-and-Blame occupying the White House. Had the Orange Menace ordered the disease mitigation measures we are all doing today back in early February, and coordinated Federal Response (instead of laying it on state & territory governors to compete with one another for scarce resources after firing the White House Pandemic Planning Officer), our country would be better off. However, at that time, the Denier-In-Chief was claiming the virus “was a hoax” and “would go away magically by April.” What a fool. We are doomed.

It will be hard to post on this blog with “happy-glad wear your boots” posts for a long time to come.

BTW, I am not riding my Harley. Maryland’s Governor issued a “Stay-at-Home” order on Monday March 30 that will be in effect for an indefinite period. While going outdoors for exercise is permitted, joy-riding a motorcycle is not “essential travel.” Once I am free from the two-week post-travel self-isolation, I *may* ride the Harley to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for the Spouse or to get groceries, but that’s it.

I am relieved and grateful that some younger friends in my local fire department are getting groceries for us for the time being. They are also helping some of my senior pals for whom I once did grocery shopping, too.

Life is short: stay home and be safe!

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  1. I wondered if you were converting to dress shoes again this April 1st. I know times are bad when you post a regular post on April Fool’s Day. Im glad you are safe. It is sad, but necessary, that we can’t move around as much as we want.

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