Riding My Own Ride

One of the phrases that leaders of safe group motorcycle rides are taught to inform other riders is, “ride your own ride.” That means that if a rider feels uncomfortable with the speed, types of roads, riding style, frequency of turns/sweeps/curves — anything about the ride — the rider should …
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Five Tips for Boots (aka “Hacks”)–Part 5 Breaking In Tall Boots

This is the last installment of my “boot hacks” (or tips) series. This post addresses the most frequent question I have received over the years and also see in comments on social media and other places on the ‘net.

The issue of feeling discomfort, heel slippage, and calf tightness (or squeezing, especially if worn with breeches or pants tucked in) is frequently mentioned when guys get new boots and begin wearing them, as this cop (using a photo I took years ago) describes…
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Five Tips for Boots (aka “Hacks”)–Part 3 Maintaining Shine

Continuing my series about tips for boots after a busy weekend, when I pulled on a pair of my favorite motorcycle boots — Chippewa Firefighters — yesterday as I prepared to go for a ride with some buddies, I reminded myself about the easy trick on how to keep these boots ultra-shiny and good-looking.

So if you are a guy like me who likes good-looking boots but really hates spending time shining them…
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Five Tips for Boots (aka “Hacks”)–Part 2 Boot Stretching

Following the wildly popular previous post (giggle) about preventing boot leather from cracking, this is post #2 about tips for boots — about boot fit on the legs.

What do you do if you have boots that are tight on your legs? Can boots be stretched, or is something else going on? Do boots shrink? Why in the heck are boots that have always been comfortable for me seem to feel tight on my legs now? What can I do about that? More after the jump…
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Boot Improvising

One idea provided to me by my buddy “S” with whom I went on a crazy-awesome motorcycle adventure in Utah on ideas to blog about was “boot improvisation.” He suggested that I describe what boots we selected for this trip, and why these boots were different from what one may expect to wear when riding a Harley.

Great idea! Thanks, “S”! So here goes… what did we improvise (that is, choose to make available) for boots on this trip, and why? More after the jump…
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Beating Boot Blog Block

I having been writing this blog for over ten years now, and it is harder and harder to come up with fresh content on my schedule of posting something new every other day.

I found some web pages that provided some suggests on how to overcome this situation which happens much too often to me.

One website suggested that I need to write catchy titles. Using the word “boots” as a title generating noun, the website was suggesting…
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