Observations from a brother

Guest blog from BHD’s twin brother, J

I decided to come visit my brother after all. He told me to take some time for me, to decompress after my six-month assignment with a voluntary organization where I tried to bring some relief to people suffering from political strife and long-term neglect.

I returned to my home in Italy from that assignment about one month ago. I have enjoyed spending time with my wife and catching up on many things — most of which (besides my wife) seem trivial now.

But what is not trivial is where I can help a guy who never asks for help, but helps many others.
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Biggest Welcome Surprise

Posted: 8:50pm 12/27/2013.

The doorbell rang while we were having dinner tonight. My spouse grumbled, “who could that be? Tell them we’re eating dinner and to go away.”

Forgive him, he remains grouchy because he is not feeling well.

When I looked out the window at the door, I jumped and screamed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?”
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An Hour on Christmas Day

My spouse remains awfully sick. Yesterday, Christmas Day, he woke late, so I thought perhaps it was a good sign that he slept well the night before. He got up, but needed help dressing.

He gave me that blank stare — that scary blank stare — indicating that his disease fogged his brain. He didn’t know what day it was.

I bucked up and didn’t cry. I just held him.
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Holiday Blog Break

Dear readers,

Let me wish you and yours joyous holidays and best wishes for 2014.

I need to take a break from blogging for a while. Turns out that bringing my mother-in-law to our house while my spouse is sick was not such a good idea. Having to care for two people who are very needy requires all of my attention, and honestly, I’m about worn out. My patience is drawn to its extreme.

Man, I can’t stand the “voice” that my spouse’s illness has. Trust me, it can be quite nasty. I know it is not him talking, but nonetheless, there are just so many times I can say, “I love you, but not your disease and how it makes you say things you don’t mean and how it makes you behave.”

This will be a very rough Christmas in the ol’ BHD household.

If you are the praying sort, please pray to relieve my spouse of this awful illness.

Best wishes. Looking forward to a much brighter New Year!

Boots on the Roof

Something happened that totally befuddled my plans on Friday to pick up my mother-in-law at her house and bring her back all on the same day.

After I arrived at her house, I went to her bedroom to pick up her luggage and she pointed to the ceiling and said, “it seems like water is leaking somewhere. I didn’t want to upset my son, so I didn’t tell him. Will you replace the water faucet before we go?”

Oh cripes…
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Riding on the Winter Solstice

It is sunny and 70F (21C) today where I live! This is an unusual gift of motorcycle riding/leather weather on the first day of astronomical winter! Woo-hoo! Sorry this is short — I’m out with some buddies for a ride!

I will catch up with more tomorrow about my trip to da’ ‘burgh and boots on the roof.

Life is short: cherish gift riding weather in winter!

Showing My Love

Sometimes I close this blog with, “show those you love how you love them.” I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words. It is one thing to tell someone you love that you love them, but doing something for them in a caring, gentle manner is better. You don’t have to say, “I love you,” but your actions show it.

So today, I am letting my actions speak for me and speak to my spouse who remains ill with a relapse of his long-term infection.
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High Heeled Boots at the Office

Last year, my spouse bought me a pair of Legendary Cowboy Boots. Man, these are really cool-looking boots with 18-inch tall dark blue shafts, fancy stitching, and full quill black ostrich foot.

I wore these boots when we were married. They are very special to me. Very classy and good-looking. They go well with dress clothes or denim jeans.

On occasion, I wear these boots to work. Being a professional in a management position, I often have to dress up in slacks, dress shirt, & tie.
Legendaryoffice2These boots also have 2-1/2-inch (6.4cm) underslung riding heels. And those heels have become a problem when I wear these boots to work …
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