Langlitz Revisit

During my rather short visit to a meeting that I once organized and facilitated, since I retired and am no longer running the show, I “played hookey” from parts of the meetings on which I had no continuing interest, hopped trams and buses, and…
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First Execution of Retirement Plan

I have mentioned several times on this blog that way back when (1970s), my mother would advise me, “diversify investments and do not rely on social security for your only form of income when you retire.”

Back then, it was hard enough to own my first house and not go into deeper debt as I renovated it to make it habitable.

But over time, with persistence, patience, and lots of “sweat equity,” I bought houses that were on the market as financially distressed properties (most of them were in foreclosure or about to be)… renovated them myself, and rented them to police, firefighters, and teachers who need to have affordable housing in the same county where they worked.

Well, today…
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Appreciate Quality and Express Gratitude

In my last post, I described that someone sent me an email to ask me to share some of what I have learned. So I posted about learning to listen and not always be the first one with an opinion.

Today, I will write about another thing my email-writer remarked about:

You emphasize detail and the importance of quality: Fewer and fewer people appreciate these wonderful things or express their gratitude when someone takes the time to demonstrate them.

Again, wow… I really did not think that this little blog would have this characteristic noted. Thank you.

Regarding the topic… (more after the jump)
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A Few Things I’ve Learned

I sincerely appreciate that I have a small but loyal following on this blog. Recently, I received an email from a reader who said,

I hope that you will use your blog as an opportunity to write more about your life. I particularly benefit from hearing the philosophy of life that people have developed as they’ve grown up and become wiser — even in small doses like “I don’t know everything, but here are a few things I know for sure.”

Wow… great (rare) feedback. Thank you!

So this post is about “a few things I have learned” from this old fart’s perspective… more after the jump.
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2020 Retirement Plans

Welcome to 2020… where I still wake at 0400, but keep myself in bed until at least 0500 since I do not have to get up to drive to work any more 🙂 !

Some have advised and some have just asked about what I should do “during” retirement.

I have short-term, medium-term, and long-range plans, all discussed thoroughly with The Spouse and agreed. So what are these plans?
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