Guilt Feelings in Losing Touch

Yesterday, I became aware that a friend, Clay, was admitted to the hospital suddenly to have major heart surgery. I had been communicating with Clay for many years, but mostly now through Facebook. He had stopped using email. Apparently he sends and receives texts instead … but that leaves me out because I block texting on my mobile device because I find texting both expensive and intrusive. (What I like about email is that I can read and reply to it on my schedule.)

I have always felt that Facebook is a way to observe what your family and friends are doing, but is not a way to discuss news, share information about feelings and frustrations, and so forth, the way friends talk when they’re together.

But since Clay only seems to use Facebook and texting as his primary means of communication these days, I comment from time to time on his Facebook posts to let him know that I care and am thinking about him. It’s not the same, but at least that form of contact lets him know that I appreciate and care about him.

Then he goes into surgery… and his predicament caused me to think about other friends who I haven’t communicated with as much as I once did, and even a few who have dropped out of my life.
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Holding My Man

My beloved spouse is still recovering from a relapse of a long-term bout of illness caused by an infection from two microbial organisms transmitted by a tick bite.

It worries me that each evening, I literally have to hold him and guide him to the bathroom and then bedroom, as he is not quite able to walk on his own. But holding him, guiding him, and loving him is not a burden, but my devotion.
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This Blog Influences Wearing Boots and Leather

I seldom have such insight as to the influence of this blog.

A few months ago, someone wrote an email to me to ask some questions about boots. I replied, and we began a cordial exchange of email from time to time. I am always happy to answer questions and share what I have learned.

The other day, this gentleman sent me a message with the subject line, “gratitude.” Man, it blew me away….
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Where a Biker Goes on a Nice Day

Yesterday turned out to be as warm and delightful as promised in the forecast. My spouse was even feeling well enough to join me and my senior pals on our morning rounds of coupon-driven grocery gathering (giggle.)

After the fun of taking LOLITS to the grocery store, we returned them to their homes and returned home ourselves. I prepared my extra-special gluten-free pizza for my spouse.

I had messages waiting for me on the answering machine (yeah, I’m that old-fashioned) from some biker buddies who said they already departed for a ride, and we’ll ride together next time. Oh well, I wasn’t going to have the situation of missing the ride with my friends spoil my day. I made a call to make sure someone I wanted to visit was forewarned that a leather-clad, booted biker was on his way.
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What Taught Me English

Yes, the title of this post is correct. Not “who” but “what” taught me English.

I was born and raised in the USA, and learned American English. With its faults and easy abuse of the mother tongue, American English is easy to speak when you learn it as a native, but difficult to spell some words or worse, write with proper grammar.

It makes me cringe sometimes to read other blogs where writers do not proofread their work, and post blog articles that are riddled with misspellings and have many grammatical errors. Yes, then, I admit, I am a stickler for proper written English.

So if it were not “who,” then what taught me English?
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High-End Name Does Not Mean High-End Quality

XelementA vendor that sells Xelement boots found a review of these boots on the “boots wiki” and wrote a message to me to express discontent. The vendor was unhappy with some opinions on that wiki page that said things like “available from websites that offer cheap boots and gear made for the masses, not for people who understand quality.”

I can understand why that statement would upset a vendor trying to sell those boots.

The vendor representative also said,

[Xelement] boots are made in the same factories that other high end brands (such as Official Harley-Davidson boots) are produced in.

as a defense or as fact, stating that the opinion above was a false assumption.

How did I deal with this input?
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