Soul Restoration

I spent time in my favorite place in the world during the winter holidays: western Puerto Rico, my home away from home.

I had a difficult time getting there with flight delays and rebooking, but I got there, albeit 8 hours late.

Unfortunately, no one cares any more about protecting others from Covid with no masking or distancing. Though I always wore a mask, it was not enough to protect me. Two days after arrival, I developed symptoms of Covid-19 and tested positive.

If there is an upside, my symptoms were very mild with only a runny nose, achy-all-over feeling, and fatigue. But no fever, coughing, or worse.

I credit being so well-vaccinated, including the bivalent booster, that I did not need medical treatment and my symptoms abated in just three days. The last day of symptoms was Christmas day, so I wasn’t able to join friends for a holiday dinner and stayed “home” and binge-watched Netflix.

On recovering, I began to explore. My first…
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