Wesco Boots

My Wesco Boots “On” the Bean at Millenium Park

The West Coast Shoe Company, aka Wesco, has been making boots since 1918. Their boots are recognized and know the world over for their rugged design and construction that provides long-lasting — more than a lifetime — of wear. Go ahead, abuse the hell out of these boots. They can take it. Built tough for harsh environments like wildland firefighting (where they got their start) to being worn while riding a motorcycle.

These tough boots are the supreme in the industry, top-of-the-line, with prices commensurate with their quality and USA-handmade construction.

Yes, I have owned and worn Wesco boots for many years. Here are a thing or two I have learned about them…
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On Kindness

I strive to lead a gentle life and be kind. That has been my guiding principle or “life value” as long as I can remember. Even before I remember learning what kindness was, my family told me that I just was. Kind.

Here are some thoughts from personal insights and reflection…
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On Duty

Last week, volunteers from my fire department were deployed to help with rescues and back-filling support for a sister fire department in North Carolina, in one of the hardest-hit areas affected by a recent devastating hurricane.

I was not among those who volunteered to deploy… been there, done that. Not necessarily in this location, but over a span of two decades, I have deployed for response to provide support for hurricanes, floods, and other calamities wrought by Mother Nature. This hard, dirty, and ugly work is better suited for the younger generation.

The deployment of a number of volunteers from my department left us in a position where an “all-call” to duty was made, and that includes me. What am I doing?
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The People You Meet and the People You Keep

Yesterday, I attended a memorial service for a man who I worked with closely during my career when I was at my longest-term employer where I worked for 20 years. I had grown close to this gentleman during our 20-years of collaboration on dozens, if not hundreds, of joint projects used nationwide by millions.

During the years we worked together, we…
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