Where Is Your Bike?

I had a busy but uneventful weekend, 500-mile round-trip once again to da ‘Burgh. My mother-in-law is doing well; in fact, much better than we had hoped. Her nutrition and hydration have improved with having a caregiver with her for several hours each day.

While there…
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Jumping In

I’ve been a bit silent on this-here ol’ blog, just because I’ve been busier than a beaver in Spring at work.

Unfortunately, NewGuy had a problem, and I was asked to jump in…
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I read a posting from a member of my motorcycle club on social media where she described that after nine years, she is divorcing her husband. Not for reasons of abuse or adultery, but from her words, “growing older and falling out of love.”

This post, shown here:
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Another Successful Event

Thanks to my tireless volunteer cadre, composed of some senior pals and buddies from the fire department, we held the 22nd annual “Senior Safety Saturday,” which was inspired by my mother years ago.

I am grateful, tired, sore, but smiling huge, because…
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Boot Retailer’s Reputation: Unethical

I regret to learn that a boot retailer from which I have purchased many pairs of boots has behaved unethically, and after giving them a chance to explain themselves and not receiving any response or acknowledgment, I breathe a deep sigh and now have to pursue a copyright infringement claim against them. This situation is quite regrettable.
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Blog Post 2300

Blogpost2300blogMan, I can hardly believe that this post is the 2,300th post that I have written for this blog. Since January, 2008, I have expressed thoughts, opinions, and shared information about boots, leather, boots, my feelings as a masculine gay man, boots, the joy of being able to marry the man of my heart, boots, my life story, boots, and concerns about caregiving for those I love — especially during my spouse’s three-year horror of dealing with two (or maybe three) simultaneous tick-borne infections. What posts have been most viewed and popular? Care to guess?
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