Heterosexual Songs

Recently, I switched the channel on the radio in my truck from the usual all-news station to a music station, and heard the song “All Of Me” by John Legend. (Hear it here.)

I really liked the lyrics, and was thinking warmly of my spouse as I was listening.

When I arrived at home, I was singing parts of it — “Cause all of me loves all of you” la la la…

My spouse heard me and said,
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Going to a Marriage Ceremony

I have written on this blog that I do not like to attend weddings — most particularly, I detest traditional wedding receptions. I don’t like dressing up in a suit, fakey people, drinking alcohol, the food (usually not food I can eat), and dancing.

But I have made an exception to my “no wedding” rule in that on this coming Saturday, I will be attending a marriage ceremony, and I will be a best man to two men. What?
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Klutzes Are Not Understood

I have posted frequently that I am a klutz. That is American slang for someone who is uncoordinated, awkward, and trips over his own shadow. Klutziness is something I have lived with my whole life. I have learned to adapt and respond to the worst of it, but I still suffer from ongoing issues and stress when asked to participate in activities where grace and athleticism are required.

So imagine how I felt when my boss, who I like very much, suggested that I organize a ski outing for our workgroup as a “team bonding” event. The color in my face…
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Oh, That Leather Thing

As is my custom on cold winter days, I choose to wear leather jeans, boots, and when I go out, I wear a leather jacket.

It struck me funny when I was escorting three lovely old ladies at the grocery store, a rather good-looking guy with a trimmed beard and buff bod looked me up and down and said,
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Our Own Leather Weekend

SpousesJan201501It is “leather weekend” in Washington, DC. This is the time of year when the gay social club, the Centaurs, host Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend featuring the Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest which feeds into International Mr. Leather contest hosted in Chicago on the last weekend of May.

My spouse was feeling pretty good earlier this week, and suggested we drop in at the leather market at the host hotel on Saturday. I thought it would be interesting to see what was going on since it has been eight years since we were there last.

On Saturday, we donned our leathers, but…
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Men’s Decision-Making on Footwear

Nocostrich08As my regular readers know, I enjoy wearing boots. I wear them every day, usually two to three pairs each day, sometimes more, depending on what I am doing and where I am going.

Lucroperblack10Let me provide the context of my life: I am a middle-aged adult man, living in a single-family house in a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs of Washington, DC. I work in an office and am a middle-management professional. I ride a motorcycle (when the weather is suitable), and a four-wheel cage (truck) when not astride my Harley. I eschew the trappings of yuppiehood (fancy cars, the latest gadgets, and braggardry). In my off-time I build things, remodel homes, look after elderly friends, and serve as a civic leader in the community where I live (and where I grew up.) I am married to the love of my life. I am well-educated, including graduate-level studies in the field of observing human behavior and anticipating results of human action.

It is this latter element of my background that gives me some insight into the topic of this post — how men make decisions on footwear.
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Marriage of the Cop & Firefighter

I wrote a series of posts on this blog about two guys — a motorcop and a firefighter — who were adjusting to being out as gay men at their respective places of work and interacting with their (straight) co-workers, family, & friends, and were in a relationship with each other.

After two years of serious courtship, they were engaged to be married last May. I was very happy for both of them.

I thought they would marry last autumn, but…
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