Firefighter Boots On Duty

I know I have not been posting much on this blog, mostly because nothing much has been happening and all has been quiet under our state’s reasonable and prudent “stay-at-home” order by our state’s Governor. Unfortunately, the number of cases of CoVID-19 continue to rise and the death toll increases daily.

We know this because our state is doing a good job with testing, unlike so many others whose Governors bury their heads in the sand.

And now, it’s “Boots On” as I have been called to duty…
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2020 Retirement Plans

Welcome to 2020… where I still wake at 0400, but keep myself in bed until at least 0500 since I do not have to get up to drive to work any more 🙂 !

Some have advised and some have just asked about what I should do “during” retirement.

I have short-term, medium-term, and long-range plans, all discussed thoroughly with The Spouse and agreed. So what are these plans?
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Day 4: Stunning Surprise

BHD looking surprised

Day 4 of my week’s business trip began with a visit with a dear friend and colleague who picked me up from my hotel. I then entered a conference room and began what I thought would be an all-morning meeting with the Director of the Research Center where we were meeting, and his staff.

That meeting went very well. The Director then called for a break. I went to el baño, and on return to the office area, I was introduced to…
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Day 3: Boots On The Move

Being an extreme early riser, I began Day 3 with a walk along a beach under the full moon. It was peaceful and captivating.

Then I returned to my hotel, packed up, had a bite to eat, and got to the airport. The day involved flying from one island to another, renting a car, and driving to the far end of…
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Something To Dream About

I have to admit — making the decision to retire is daunting. I know it’s time, but nonetheless, thinking about why I am making this decision now and what I will do after I leave the full-time working world has kept me awake at night.

My Spouse knows me all too well. After yet another discussion about this life-changing transition, he suggested,
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