Our 27th “Met-A-Versary”

27 years ago, April 25, 1993, timidly I pulled on my first pair of leather chaps with tall black boots, a leather shirt with a plain black leather vest, and hopped on my motorcycle. I rode to a basement apartment in downtown Washington DC.

I was there to meet some new friends who were starting up an “MC” club. My naivete at the time had me believing “MC” meant motorcycle. Ha!

Anyway, our new group gathered to join…

…the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation at which it was estimated some 1,000,000 people joined.

The day began by meeting other new members of this club. The first man I met was tall, had stunning blue eyes, and was built like a model (in my perception, anyway.)

We walked together in that “march” (which was more standing than marching). It was important to us at the time to voice that we as gay people were present and concerned about our rights as equal citizens of the United States.

I have posted about this event and that day before on this blog, so I will not repeat. If you want to read those past posts, there are some from which to choose linked below.

But most of all, this day became the magic that introduced me to the best listener, best supporter, best champion, best “pick yourself up again and go forth-er”, best wise adviser, best Harley buddy-rider, and best completer of scatter-brained me.

I wish my husband a happy “met-a-versary”! Who woulda thunk that 20 years hence we would marry legally in our home state and in the county in which I was born and raised.

We live, love, overcome strife, and have thrived. All thanks to a few guys who asked us to join them for an event.

Life is short: love thrives.

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