Next Motorcycle Adventure

Readers of the blog may remember that in late July, 2017, my buddy “S” and I rented Harleys in Salt Lake City, Utah, and rode to and through the “Mighty Five” National Parks of Utah over five days and six nights, covering 1,244 miles of absolutely spectacular scenery.

This indeed was a “crazy-awesome adventure” as documented on this blog with stories, photos, and videos.

I had been dreaming/planning to return for a reprise of this ride to see some more of this great land. I had a ride planned in summer 2020, but, well, that didn’t happen.

However: soon, “Crazy-Awesome Adventure II” will begin. When? Where?
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August Update

My goodness, I just realized that it has been almost a full month since I updated this blog. I admit, when my husband was sick last year and died in January, I lost interest in writing about boots, leather, or motorcycle riding. Please be assured, losing interest does not mean I am depressed. Let’s just say, I have refocused my purpose of life.

Here at home…
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