Thoughts of Going Into the Boot Business

BootstorageJan201501My friend from Belgium sent me some more ideas for this blog, and I appreciate it. One of his recent suggestions was:

With such a vivid passion for boots: have you never thought of turning it into your profession? Like starting a business as a boot retailer or even starting a new brand of boots?

I appreciate the thought. My reply is after the jump…
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Breaking In Tall Boots

Copsnewdehners1A reader wrote to me recently to ask for a link to a video that I produced a long time ago, but remains “evergreen” in its instructions. The video was titled, “Training the Ankles of New Dehner Patrol Boots,” and is applicable to breaking in any pair of boots that have a stiff backstay (a strip of leather that runs up and down the back of the inside of the boot lining to stiffen and support the boot and hold up the top).

The blog post about how to break in tall boots and “train the ankles” was last written in July, 2009. I appreciate my reader’s request for that information again and I will repeat it here, with a few updates.

So, just how should you break in a new pair of tall boots?
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Downer Encounter, Sign of the Times

Friday morning very early, the Spouse and I were on the road on our way to Pittsburgh to visit the mother-in-law.

It was cold, so I was wearing leather jeans over black harness boots and my Langlitz Crescent leather jacket. Typical cold-weather attire for me.

After a quick stop-off at the dump (aka “transfer station”) to get rid of garbage from the Feastival, an hour later, we found ourselves on the Pennsylvania Turnpike headed West. We were making great time–it was only 0800.

Along the way, we stopped at a rest stop in the dead-red middle of the state. I am always a bit apprehensive stopping at this particular location… Continue reading

Scaled-Back Thanksgiving

TurkeyToday is our U.S. Thanksgiving, a holiday to celebrate the season’s harvest with family and friends.

Each year since my spouse and I moved into the house that I built in 1998, we have hosted a Thanksgiving dinner. This even has morphed into a large gathering of family and senior pals who share a dish and join us for a pot-luck “Feastival.”

I have described this event for many years on this blog. This post was most descriptive a few years ago.

This year, however…
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Amused While in Full Leather

fall2016bThe weather where I live has been changing rapidly. Friday and Saturday morning, it was unusually warm (70F, 21C). I wore denim jeans with Lucchese hornback caiman cowboy boots to work on Friday, as well as to a doctor’s office when I drove my spouse for yet another work-up. (The young doc admired the boots.)

Saturday morning, Timberlands were on my feet when I took care of the remnants of the leaves and mowed the lawn one last time — and took the photo shown here of me and Spouse.

But what most amusing is after lunch on Saturday, as the temperatures were dropping in advance of a strong cold front, I geared up in full leather from Muir Cap to leather shirt, leather jeans, tall Dehner boots, and also my Langlitz Crescent Jacket and…
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Happy To Be Called Silly

MarylandflaggayringsFour years ago, the day after the 2012 elections, I awoke to the news that Maryland had become the first state in the United States to allow same-sex marriage by popular vote (not from a court ruling) — through a process of defeating an ugly referendum that was attempting to overturn a law that the Maryland legislature had passed earlier in the year.

It was that morning, four years ago, that I knew for certain that I could actually get married. Who woulda thunk?

So after preparing breakfast for my spouse, I got down on a knee, held his hand, looked deep into his beautiful blue eyes and asked,
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