Caregiver as the Caregivee

So here it is, 0300 in the morning again… and I am wide awake. The cold that I have had has manifested into laryngitis. I literally can’t speak more than a whisper.

My spouse got very worried when the aroma of chicken soup awoke him yesterday morning, and he came into the kitchen at 0430, quite incredulous that I was casually reading the newspaper while a pot of soup was simmering on the stove.

The soup was just about done, so I whispered as loudly as my voice would permit, “want to join me?”

My spouse’s reaction was classic:
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Booted in Hawaii

My meetings ended early on Thursday, so a buddy took me out for a tour. Fortunately, the tradewinds have begun blowing again, so the crappy air that was making me have severe allergic reactions was better, especially on the far side of the island.

Photo below proves…
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Going on despite…

I love my job, really, and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to travel. It’s been 28 years since I spent any significant time besides changing planes in Hawaii. My meetings and presentations are going well. I am meeting many more people and like expanding my network.

And I am the ONLY guy wearing boots. Man, so many flip-flops. Uggghhh…. but it’s the islands, that’s what they do, even if I think that the only correct place for flip-flops is in the trash.

However, if you heard my voice…
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