Homeward Bound

I am still in a U.S. Southern State, speaking at and attending a conference of my professional association. I have kept in touch by phone with my partner. He and my sister who is staying with him are fine — they didn’t even lose power (amazing, considering how bad our power company is.)

The recent severe storm has come and gone. I am grateful that our preparedness actions paid off. The trees in the old-growth forest behind our house are still standing, though from what I hear, are now mostly leafless. I am very happy that I had a tree trimming company strategically thin branches and remove dead limbs from the trees in our forest in May, so when the storms of June and October occurred, wind could blow through them more easily and not be blown down.

I have checked in with many members of my family who live in the storm-ravaged areas of New York. Our family network has confirmed that everyone is okay, though some of them have suffered property damage. But all-in-all, it could have been worse and we are grateful that it was not.

Meanwhile, down here at the conference, I have been booted and wearing leather…
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Worried But As Prepared As Ever

Greetings from BHD who is not at home! I have had to travel for a business trip to speak at a conference being held in a U.S. southern state, away from the impact of the monster storm battering my home state (and many states north of me).

I spent Saturday doing some last-minute preparations, but we’re pretty well set. After all, disaster preparedness is my profession. I practice what I preach.

I also visited dozens of my senior pals helping them to get ready. I took 14 of them to the grocery store very early on Saturday, helping them to get non-perishable foods that can keep without refrigeration or heating. And plenty of batteries for flashlights! My senior pals know that candles are the most DANGEROUS thing to use for emergency lighting.

I am glad we went to the store so early, because by mid-day, the store shelves were picked clean.

I am concerned about my partner, who is at home. But he is not alone. Big Sister is staying with him, along with two other senior pals who were afraid to stay in their homes. Our generator is set and ready, provided they have to use it. This storm is HUGE!
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Masculine Gay Men

If any one set of words is searched on the ‘net more than any others that lead to visitors to this blog, it is “masculine gay men.”

Yes, it is possible to behave in a masculine manner as an ordinary guy, and also be gay. Not all men behave the same way. Not all “gays” behave the same way, either. Unfortunately, social stereotyping portrays gay men (mostly in the media) as being swishy queens with high-pitched voices and who are completely unable to do anything other than fuss, get flustered, hang out at Starsucks in shorts and flip-flops playing with their mobile devices, or plan the next “fabulous” party. That stereotyping drives men like me crazy.
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Oh Crap!

Pardon the interruption of this blog’s usual banter. The safety guy in me has been really, really, I mean, REALLY busy!

Holy crap! Days of sustained high winds and heavy rain are predicted to strike our state soon, with a strong cold front right behind it, which is predicted to drop FEET (meters) of snow west of us (Roland-watch out!)

Our home is prepared, as are the homes of dozens of my senior pals, as well as pantries stocked, batteries ready, trees trimmed, gutters cleaned, outdoor Halloween decorations removed, and much more. I’m tired, but ready!

If this blog “goes on hold” for a while, it’s because the storm caused a disruption of our power and/or internet. But don’t worry about us; we live on high ground and have no reason to venture out into the storm. We will be as safe as we can be, but this thing is frightening to those in my profession.


I am repeating a blog post from 2008, as I find what I wrote back then to be rather insightful and as applicable today as it was back then.

Values drive one’s very essence of being. Values define who someone is and how he lives his life.

As I was musing about what to blog about today, I was thinking about a conversation that I share with my partner often. As different as we are in personality, our core values are the same. That is really what keeps us together, and continues to serve as the foundation of our relationship. We share these values:
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Speaking from the Heart

I appreciate and highly value the freedoms afforded to me as a citizen of the United States. Free speech, freedom to live and pursue happiness, and being able to vote for our elected leaders and on questions important to the day. Two weeks now the decision will be made as to who will become the President of the United States, serve in our Senate, House of Representatives, and on local issues brought to referendum on the ballot in my home state.

I read a lot on various media — newspapers, blogs, and Facebook. I have learned a lot about how people use electronic media to express their views. But nothing is as direct as being put into the position of having to speak from the heart.
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Riding Solo

Yesterday was a stunningly beautiful autumn day. Fortunately, my partner was stable so I knew that I could leave him for a while and go for a ride on my Harley.

I saw a ride listed on my club’s ride calendar, but unfortunately, the ride was being led by someone who rides too fast for me, and I have always felt uncomfortable on his rides. I decided not to go on his ride. I don’t like feeling pressure of trying to keep up when all I want to do is sit back and have a relaxing ride.

I sent emails to some biker buddies to ask if they wanted to go for a ride with me, but all replied saying they couldn’t make it, “perhaps another time.” I understand. I’m often in the same position.

But this is weird… usually I am the one whose calendar is so chock-full, he can’t ride. This time, I have time and interest, but no others to ride with. That’s okay, I leathered up…
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Best Time to Wear Cowboy Boots and Jeans

Yep, another amusing internet search — six of the same question within 24 hours — “What is the best time to wear cowboy boots and jeans?”

Really? Who has to ask the internet this question? And six separate people from Texas, California, Oklahoma, Poland, Australia, and Guam?

In my unfailing quest to inform those who seek elusive answers, here goes–
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Talented Great Nephew in Boots

My great nephew who I helped buy boots to wear to high school this year is not the only great nephew I have who likes to wear boots. I have a number of great nieces and nephews — children of my 59 nieces and nephews. (I told ‘ya that I had a large family!)

Here’s one of my highly talented GN’s performing at a club in boots.
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