The Boot Pile

Since Spouse and I returned home to Maryland on March 25 from our visit to Hawaii, I have been out of the house a total of 21 times, mostly to “forage” for groceries, pick up prescriptions, work six shifts as a medic for my local fire department, and twice, to ride my Harley and go skydiving.

How do I know the number of times between March 25 and May 26 that I have been out of the house?
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Ultimate Physical Distancing

On Thursday May 14, I was invited by some of my motorcycle riding buddies to join a ride scheduled for Saturday, May 16. I asked who was leading the ride and where they were going to go.

Those questions led to further probing… these guys were going to ride to an “open” Maryland county and do things that would make me feel very …
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Riding the Harley Cautiously

I have been careful about following salient and prudent orders and recommendations from the Governor of Maryland who is doing a great job responding to the coronavirus pandemic and protecting the residents of my home state.

I am grateful that covidiots who reign supreme in other states are kept at bay in Maryland (so far).

During the “stay-at-home” period, I only ventured out…
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Groundhog Week

Remember the movie “Groundhog Day” where the main character repeated the same day over and over again? While the premise of that 1993 movie was that the main character was destined to repeat the same day over and over again until he became a good person, there are parallels to this repetitive day-to-day life for me.

And I’m sure the same is true for many others.

So this past week, I…
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Firefighter Boots On Duty

I know I have not been posting much on this blog, mostly because nothing much has been happening and all has been quiet under our state’s reasonable and prudent “stay-at-home” order by our state’s Governor. Unfortunately, the number of cases of CoVID-19 continue to rise and the death toll increases daily.

We know this because our state is doing a good job with testing, unlike so many others whose Governors bury their heads in the sand.

And now, it’s “Boots On” as I have been called to duty…
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