Success With Back-to-School Boots

As readers of this blog know, I advocate that guys wear boots. Readers also know that I am from a huge family. I have not one, but three great nephews who are entering high school this year.

A week ago at a family reunion for the marriage of my kid-bro cousin, I struck up a conversation with my great nephews about their thoughts of entering high school this year. One of them said something like, “I wish I could be cool — like the biker you are, Uncle.”

Well, that was nice. So I asked,
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20 Questions: I Guess I’m Not That Gay

I stumbled upon an interview in the local DC gay newspaper with a guy who married a local TV news guy. He was asked a set of questions that, to me, were focused on his sexual orientation and his answers portrayed him to fulfill all of the stereotypes that gay men have been saddled with. Uggghhh…. So here goes — my answers to the same questions.

1. How long have you been out and who was the hardest person to tell?
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He Completes Me

I attended the marriage ceremony of my kid-bro cousin on Saturday. A full, long concelebrated mass that I remember of that huge branch of my family tree for so many of my cousins’ Catholic weddings.

And man, was it a wedding-and-a-half. Much bigger than I expected for my no-frills cousin, but I’m sure his wife and her family had a lot to do with how big it became.

As I was listening to the priest when he was giving his homily about the importance of marriage, he said words that mean much to me about my marriage to my husband. He said,
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