Old Videos–Delete?

The other day, I received a namby-pamby message from YouTube that said:

Hi BootedHarleydude, We have reviewed your content and determined that it may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 18, per our Community Guidelines. As a result, we’ve age-restricted the following content:

Video: Harley Davidson Bike and Cop Boots

We haven’t applied a strike to your channel, and your content is still live for some users on YouTube.

The message rambled on about why they apply adult content warnings to some videos uploaded on their site.

The video they changed access to was uploaded 15 years ago — yep, in 2008. Why suddenly 15 years later they decide a video showing a boot on a Harley would be inappropriate for children under age 18?

Annoyed, I decided…
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Sad Demise of Chippewa Motorcycle Boots

For decades, the Chippewa brand of boots were THE boots to have and wear when riding a motorcycle, hanging out with bikers, or at leather fetish bars & events.

Who else besides me noticed the tough-looking tall Chippewa engineer boots on other guys? The oil-tanned tough-biker looking style, or the patrol boot style on a motorcycle police officer?

For us regular bikers, two serious choices of Chippewa motorcycle boots included…
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New Cop Galleries

It took me a long time, but I finally posted a set of seven galleries of photos taken at a motorcycle police riding competition, held this year in Pittsburgh. It was moved here when they were looking for a new host and Pittsburgh PD offered to take it.

Coincidentally, the timing of this event…
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A Motorcop Uses My Photo

A few weeks ago, I smiled and was amused by a post on a popular social media platform by a motorcop with whom I am friends. I have observed his exemplary riding skills often on the roads around my home county as well as during police motorcycle riding competitions (this photo is of him in the 2012 competition).

The cop posted about a new pair of Dehner boots that he got. (More and photo after the jump)
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Selfie Cop Boot Pic

While I was hunting for something to write about on this blog, I did a random internet search using keywords such as “cop boots” or “dehner boots” or “dress dehners”… and I was not surprised to discover that the vast majority of images that come up on the internet search “images” tab were those that I have taken and posted on this blog or my cop galleries that (currently) has more than 2,000 photos of U.S. motorcops and their boots.

What amused me was finding this…
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Five Tips for Boots (aka “Hacks”)–Part 5 Breaking In Tall Boots

This is the last installment of my “boot hacks” (or tips) series. This post addresses the most frequent question I have received over the years and also see in comments on social media and other places on the ‘net.

The issue of feeling discomfort, heel slippage, and calf tightness (or squeezing, especially if worn with breeches or pants tucked in) is frequently mentioned when guys get new boots and begin wearing them, as this cop (using a photo I took years ago) describes…
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Five Tips for Boots (aka “Hacks”)–Part 3 Maintaining Shine

Continuing my series about tips for boots after a busy weekend, when I pulled on a pair of my favorite motorcycle boots — Chippewa Firefighters — yesterday as I prepared to go for a ride with some buddies, I reminded myself about the easy trick on how to keep these boots ultra-shiny and good-looking.

So if you are a guy like me who likes good-looking boots but really hates spending time shining them…
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The Voice of Reason

As a life-long Bootman — that is, a guy who has worn boots during his entire life (well, since I was 10)… and with a boot collection in the hundreds, I cannot help but see some boots on other men’s feet (such as on cops at a recent police motorcycle riding competition), or in ads and other media and think, “man, cool boots… what about getting a pair?”

Then the Voice of Reason resonates. He says,…
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