Spouse’s High Honor

I am thrilled for my beloved Spouse… as long-term readers of this blog are aware, he has suffered from a long-term illness that messed with his life severely in the form of significant pain — and worse — impact on his brain resulting in periods of “brain fog” and aphasia that were (and still are) quite puzzling and painful to deal with.

He has been to countless doctors and has given more blood for lab work than a 50-gallon blood donor (so it seems). He probably also glows in the dark from all of the imaging he has had done through X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds.

Despite all of this, for the past four years, Spouse has…
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The Ups and the Downs

The most “up” time recently that Spouse and I had was our wonderful, fun, and deliriously happy Thanksgiving Feastival last Thursday. Seems like an eon ago.

Then on Friday, I took Spouse to get not one, not two, but three MRIs where his ongoing medical issues continue to be probed.

We thought after that fun, we would return home, kick back, and rest. But…
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Not much time to write a blog today, after feeding the thundering herds… (not really… seniors don’t thunder and they do not eat that much!) But the 20th “Thanksgiving Feastival” was another success, with …
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You Can’t Go Back

There is an old expression, “you can’t go back” which is derived from the sense of nostalgia return to “home” in the book by Thomas Wolfe titled, “You Can’t Go Home Again.” The expression means that you cannot really re-live the fun and happiness once felt in a fondly remembered location, but your good times there were long ago.

I have felt that feeling of loss or regret when I returned to my Mom’s small hometown in rural Oklahoma. It’s not nearly the same there, but that is for a future blog post.

This past Sunday, the Spouse and I felt that feeling again when we leathered up and ventured…
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Out of the Leather Closet

Guest blog by WC

Once upon a time there was a man who wanted a pair of cowboy boots. His parents got him a pair when he was in high school and he wore them and wore them. Then shoe styles changed and the man wore other kinds of shoes, and those boots sat in his closet for years. One day, at the urging of the man’s wife, he wore his boots again, and has never looked back. Boots are every day, every-occasion footwear.

Work and play, he is always booted. As the years went on the man became good friends with Booted HarleyDude. He is eternally grateful for BHD’s boot wisdom and his wonderful mentoring. The man owes his bootism in great part to BHD.

As the man looked through bootedman.com and its related blog, the man could not help but notice…
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