Wearing Out Firefighter Boots

I mentioned in my most recent post on this blog that I received a new pair of Chippewa Firefighter (27422) boots. I have raved about these boots since I discovered them in 2007. Their comfort, design, style, durability, and performance for wear while operating my big ol’ Harley is second-to-none, in my opinion.

These have been the first pair of boots of the some 250+ boots that I have owned that I have ever …
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Are Those Boots?

Short post, but I thought I would share a funny.

Yesterday at the morning briefing of TBC*, another senior official at the briefing looked at me and did the “boot bounce.” That is, he was looking at how I was dressed in khakis, dress shirt, tie, and cowboy boots. I was wearing…
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A Brother’s Observations

Hi, this is J, BHD’s brother. I have a habit, though long delayed, in popping in on his blog and blowing it up with commentary and observations.

I have been rather absent on this blog for a long time. I have had other things going on in my life. Also, I really don’t like social media and refuse to join Facebook, send tweets, or use other platforms like Instagram. Keeping off social media (even blogs) keeps me in my happy place.

But for my brother, I made an exception to write again on his blog. My recent visit with him was
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Dinner for 100?

Readers of this blog know that I have a very large family. In honor of our parents and a long tradition, our family — siblings, their spouses, children, and children’s children — who live in the general geographic area where I live get together every Friday evening for dinner.

With busy schedules, vacation and other travel, occasional time conflicts, the usual number of people who gather for our Friday meal comes to an average of about 35, which is about 1/3 of the “local fam.” But last night…
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Another Birthday

Yep, August 16 came and went. I gave myself a present — took the day off work. At home, the spouse did his usual thing: gave me a card, a rose from our garden, a kiss and a hug, then asked “what’s for breakfast?” (He really doesn’t celebrate or care for birthdays, even “milestone” days like this day was for me.)

But before we sat down for breakfast, the doorbell rang. “Who’s that?” demanded the Spouse. Well, ’twas another surprise. Out on the lawn there rose such a clatter that…
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Nice To Be Back On My Own Harley

In the whirlwind of my return from Utah, I have not had or made time to get out on my own Harley. Spouse has required a lot of attention with errands hither-and-yon, not to mention catching up with my lovely LOLITS and their grocery shopping needs.

Unfortunately, my “summer commute to work via Harley” is over for the year. Why?
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