When Religous Adherents Believe It Is A Choice

I have a large family on my father’s side. Most of them are Catholic. I have one cousin, however, who was baptized Catholic yet left the Church and calls himself a “Bible believing Christian.”

He is among those who have expressed inaccurate points of view about homosexuality. His occasional diatribes cause me sadness. I am so sorry for him that he has been indoctrinated (some may say, “brainwashed,”) by others in his sphere to believe that homosexuality is a choice and is “practiced.”

Here are some things he has said in public statements,
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Fewer Boots at Folsom?

DorksA friend of mine brought to my attention that an observation was shared on an on-line boot board about what guys were wearing at the recent Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. The observation was, “They say that the Folsom Street Fair is the largest leather event in the world, but I’m sorry to report that only a small percentage of the crowd wore leather, and even a smaller number wore boots. It was shorts, jock straps, jeans, or nothing at all, along with thousands of sneakers, sneakers and more sneakers.”

My friend asked me what I thought about this. I have some ideas about how the demographics have changed in today’s culture among 20- and 30- year olds, compared with the culture and norms of the days when I was their age (1980s through mid 90s).
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Shocking a Gay Guy

Someone I know is an event planner. He does a very good job. I have heard many compliments about the events that he has organized, set up, decorated, and managed. He is gay. So what…. However, he fulfills many gay stereotypes from the sound of his voice to his over-the-top party planning.

He and I know each other because his grandmother is one of the LOLITs who I take grocery shopping. He learned that I married my man, and sent me a message of congratulations. I thanked him, then didn’t think a thing about it until…
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Gay Cooties

Neanderthal2Term “cooties” definition: “a children’s term for an imaginary germ or repellent quality transmitted by another person.”

I was communicating with a friend the other day, and referred to the term, “gay cooties.” I said that there are still people in this world who react to me as if I had “gay cooties,” withdraw, and keep their distance.

My friend replied to ask, “are there still neanderthals who think that way today?” He asked me to explain more.
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