Go Ride, Orders the Spouse

After the funeral on Saturday, I got busy at home preparing income tax returns for seniors. This is something I do voluntarily each year. Sunday morning during our usual morning snuggle before rising, my spouse asked me, “what are the plans for the day?”

I mumbled something about preparing more tax returns. I have 20 done and about 20 more to go.

He said, “look, it is supposed to be warm and sunny today. Instead of pouring yourself into volunteer work again, …
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Motorcycle Boot Soles

Sole01I received an email the other day from a motorcycle rider who asked me about the soles on Boulet harness boots (shown here). He said:

I am concerned that the soles on these boots may cause a slip at stops or when trying to duck walk your bike in tight places, or to maneuver backing into a parking spot.

He has a legitimate concern about whether these boots would work well for motorcycle riding.

But like many questions about boots, the answer varies. Why?
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Acts of Caring Hold the Marriage Together

Us201501blog2I was reading a blog that I occasionally check out. It is very popular and a money-maker for the author. The blog is “Single Dad Laughing.”

A series of posts on his blog were about how he “blew” two marriages. He described things that he did that undermined his relationship with his wife and how those acts and behaviors eventually led to the demise of his marriages.

I am a very old-school believer in what marriage really means — a bond of love, caring, and being “one” together. When my man and I married, both of us knew it was right, and we were in love. But so was the case for the author of the blog that I am referencing. He, too, was in love with his wife, and then things slipped and eventually not one, but two marriages ended.

How do my spouse and I prevent that from happening to us?
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Wearing Jeans with Boots

LucRattlejeansI continue to be amazed that the web page that I posted six years ago, “Wearing Jeans with Boots” would continue to be the most popular page on my website of all time. Statistics reveal that this one page out of 707 receives over 20% of the daily visits to my site.

99% of these visits are driven by search engines. When looking at the questions entered in search engines, the #1 question that is searched is,
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Chippewa Engineer Boots on Cops

rp_McopHOGmag.jpgI received a copy of the latest edition of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle police magazine the other day. The front cover and inside spread featured an article about the 105th anniversary of the Milwaukee Police Motorcycle Unit.

The article had a few photos of the large unit lined up on their Harley police bikes at the Harley-Davidson motorcycle museum in Milwaukee. What boots were the cops wearing?
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Coming Out By Another Ordinary Guy Who Rides

LanglitzmeonbikeI have written on this blog fairly often that I feel that I am just a regular guy, a motorcycle rider, one who chooses to wear leather garments regularly (rather than just as a costume or once-a-year events), and a guy who happens to be gay.

I received an email from a reader, a fellow biker, and who recently came out. He explained his feelings to me. With his permission, here is what he said–
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