Volunteer Work and Travel

Now that I am retired and have completed renovations to my home to make it comfortable and safe, I have more time to do things I enjoy. I also have re-emerged from my deep well of grief over the loss of my husband. I still think of him fondly every day.

But I have a life to live and while I am still upright, I intend to do so.

2023 sees me being active with serving my community and soon will see me on airplanes, Harleys, trains, and roadways.

When I am at home (that is, not traveling), I keep busy by…
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Seasoned Leatherman

I really don’t want to let this blog die. I just have trouble coming up with new content or things to write about.

Over the last several months, I have received messages via email from guys who respectfully say things like:

I have been following you through your blog for a long time. I have learned a lot about leather, boots, and gay culture.

… followed by more compliments on the information I have shared and my general perspective of being a regular guy who likes to wear leather and boots and just happens to be gay.

In fact today I received another respectful email addressing me as “Sir” and suggesting he would enjoy hearing stories from a “seasoned leatherman.”

I was honored to read that, to tell you the truth.

At first I was going to summarily reject the compliments with sort of an “aw shucks” shrug. However, on further thought…
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Soul Restoration

I spent time in my favorite place in the world during the winter holidays: western Puerto Rico, my home away from home.

I had a difficult time getting there with flight delays and rebooking, but I got there, albeit 8 hours late.

Unfortunately, no one cares any more about protecting others from Covid with no masking or distancing. Though I always wore a mask, it was not enough to protect me. Two days after arrival, I developed symptoms of Covid-19 and tested positive.

If there is an upside, my symptoms were very mild with only a runny nose, achy-all-over feeling, and fatigue. But no fever, coughing, or worse.

I credit being so well-vaccinated, including the bivalent booster, that I did not need medical treatment and my symptoms abated in just three days. The last day of symptoms was Christmas day, so I wasn’t able to join friends for a holiday dinner and stayed “home” and binge-watched Netflix.

On recovering, I began to explore. My first…
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My Leather Sources Revealed: Langlitz

I have been enjoying a dialogue with a guy who told me that he has used this blog to learn about leather and boots as he considers future purchases. Unlike some other “old-school” leathermen, I am happy to share my experience and knowledge. It really is not a deep dark secret. Good quality leather and wearing it proudly is something I know a bit about!

Question 1: It’s been difficult to find good quality leather, so I decided from here on, I am going to stick with reputable brands like Dehner, Mr. S, and Langlitz. Here are my questions for you:

1. When you had gone to visit the Langlitz store, did you require an appointment? Also, at the store, do they have sample jackets or pictures that show the different features you can get on your custom jacket?

I have written on this blog about a visit to the Langlitz store in Portland and a re-visit years later. Here is my response to this question:
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I continue to support this blog, but I still have trouble coming up with new content.

Today’s update is what I call “Re-Emergence.” I title this “Re-Emergence” because I truly feel like an adult emerging from a chrysalis. My chrysalis was a protective shell in which I encased myself during what was the worst part of my life.

In case you missed it, my husband died in January, 2021, after a six-month battle with treatments for pancreatic cancer. The chemotherapy treatments administered two years ago (this month), could not be tolerated. Chemo intolerance led to getting an infection and resulted in multiple organ failure.

Since his death, I went into an extended period of grieving. I had a lot of support from my family and close friends, as well as opportunities to serve my community as a volunteer to keep busy and do things to honor my husband.

The process of grief…
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SIR in Leather

Okay, I admit… with some introspection and on getting reacquainted with a friend who is as much into leather as I am, it is confirmed that I am a “SIR” in the gay leatherworld.

I have always thought of myself as a masculine man. I have shunned characteristics of effeminate gay males. I respect that we are all different, and some people are more on the effeminate side than the type of man I am.

I have also learned more about what a “sub” is to a “SIR.” Through this in-person reacquaintance with a really nice guy who ticks many of my boxes, …
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Rujo Boots Review

Rujo Boots entered the cowboy boot market in 2020 with a slogan of “Be Brave.” The word “rujo” means “roar” and certainly this company has a superb product line that unto itself roars with quality.

A lot of guys, especially in the Eastern U.S., are hesitant to wear cowboy boots. All I have to say about that is, “get over it.” No one, no one, will say anything, except perhaps “nice boots” when they see you wearing them.

I own and wear four pairs of Rujo Boots and soon will buy some more. My review and personal opinions follow…
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Riding in Full Leather

It is glorious Fall! Crisp, dry, sunny and pleasant days make for perfect motorcycle riding weather.

While I prefer to wear ballistic nylon motorcycle jackets, there are times when the “old guard” biker in me roars, “wear your leather!”

I will not argue with my Leatherman alter ego! Lately when riding for fun (not for commuting), I have worn…
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