Photos From My Favorite Island

I have said often that I love Puerto Rico. This is an island that one has to visit many times and let its charm grow on you. I have been going to Puerto Rico since 1989… muchos años ago.

From 1989 to 2019, 31 of my visits were mostly for work. My work sent me there for many, many weeks or months some times. Other visits were shorter to speak at conferences, to conduct training, and to do site inspections. For the shorter visits, I extended a few of them for a week and invited my husband to join me.

On all these visits, some of which were very hard, long, and challenging…
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Back, Booted, and on the Saddle

I had a great time on my favorite island. However, it was time to come back to my home in Maryland. My return flights were delayed but made it, so I have no complaints.

However, it is a hell of a lot warmer on the mainland than in Puerto Rico!

I have caught up on lost sleep, and today I pulled on a favorite pair of motorcycle boots — Chippewa Harness — and before it got too hot, I…
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Transforming a Vision to My Happy Place

While I took somewhat of a break from blogging for a while, it doesn’t mean that I have been sitting around at home wallowing in grief over the death of my husband.

Today I realized completion of a vision that my husband had for our home.

It all began in 2019 when a large deck that my husband and I built on our house was falling apart. We decided that it needed replacement. The deck is 11 feet off the ground, leaving the space under it open.

We had a hot tub under the old deck, but it gave out. My husband and I decided not to replace it, but instead build a “three-season room” where we could relax in a bug-free environment and view our forested back yard.

Last year…
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It is hard for some people to understand that I am fundamentally an introvert. I enjoy meeting people in professional groups to which I belong as a member or group leader. I also have done and enjoy public speaking, but that is more of a performance than “the real me.”

The “real me” is quiet and happy with his life at home. When I travel, I keep pretty much to myself and go on self-guided excursions. I may see a friend or two for a meal, but that’s about it.

Why then do I have such a public internet presence? After all…
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Booted Travel Plans

I am, like others, tired of staying home, though I love my house and the community in which I live. However, caution still is needed to avoid contracting Covid-19. I figure that I have been so very careful for so long, I am not going to abandon Covid safety measures, but I am beginning to venture out more often, and have three trips planned for 2022.

Where am I now and where will I go?
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Boots With Shorts?

I received an email the other day from someone who asked,

What’s your opinion on boots with leather shorts? I have really tall 18″ Chippewas and 18″ Wesco boots but I look like Sponge Bob Square Pants when I wear them with shorts. I have some 8″ Carolina boots I could wear. I am looking for a suggestion.

My response probably would not surprise you…
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Confidence of Boots and Leather

No, I haven’t let this blog die. I need to get motivated to write again. So here goes.

Over the years and recently as well, I have received messages from guys who have complimented me on how I appear in boots and leather and comment on their personal concerns about wearing this gear.

No, contrary to fears, most people (at least those who are civil and educated), will not look at someone wearing boots or perhaps leather jeans and say something uncomplimentary.

In my experience dating back more than 40 years, actually…
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UPS Thievery

I have been rather quiet on this blog during the last few weeks while I have been simmering in anger with United Parcel Service (UPS).

As I have mentioned, I began trying to sell some of my leather gear and boots.

A guy who has a keen eye for quality purchased…
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Skills Practice

I have been riding motorcycles for more than 40 years. Thus one might think I know how to ride safely.

Road riding is generally good… until it isn’t. “Things happen” like a vehicle suddenly crossing your path of travel, debris in the road, or an animal deciding to run out in front of you and freeze.

Crash avoidance is a skill that even the most experienced riders need to practice, especially…
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