A Ride For The Spouse

I have mentioned on this blog from time to time that my Spouse used to ride two-up on my Harley with me. We rode thousands of miles on great adventures. We saw many lovely sights of our home state of Maryland, as well as in our most “motorcycle adventuresome” years, rode to Oklahoma together to visit my family on a 2,500 one-way adventure (shipped the bike back home from Kansas City), and also rode to Sturgis, South Dakota, as well as Colorado and Wyoming on a separate trip (shipped the bike home from Denver.)

But then illness caused his joints to lock up and fail. He stopped riding with me because he just could not bear the pain. I have missed him a lot. It’s been a decade now that he has not been my passenger. I miss him every.single.time.I.ride.

However, last Saturday, for a few hours anyway, I changed that.
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Boot Marketing Savvy

I have to give a tip of my Stetson to Tecovas Boots for being the “most out there” with saturated marketing campaigns for their boots. You can’t go anywhere on the ‘net without seeing an ad, or two or dozens, from them. It seems that Tecovas is targeting the younger market, which is smart on their part. Get young-uns into boots, and they will learn like I did that boots are far better than dorky dress shoes, even with dress clothes in an office.

For some people, the saturation and exposure of advertising that Tecovas is doing is…
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Staycation–Just Shoot Me

Because I served as “acting boss” all summer, I did not use any accrued leave benefits. So I decided to take a week off this week as a “staycation”. That is a made-up word for taking time off while staying at home and using “vacation” time. Thus: “stay” + va-“cation”.

However, this Staycation is not a time when I am out riding the Harley or otherwise…
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Boots Made in Spain Frustration

For a number of years, most of us in the “boot world” have been aware of the made-in-Spain Sendra Boots, which have been attractive to those of us on the other side of the Atlantic. Finding those boots in the USA became easier when some stores here offered Sendra boots and served as a U.S. distributor.

Recently, I posted a rave review of Ranch Road Boots that are made in Spain. These boots are…
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Tight Boot Comfort

I received the following question appended to a recent comment on a blog post. I removed it from the comment and placed it here. I thought it deserved its own response and discussion:

I just have one question–for boots that fit like a glove already but are boots that are either higher heeled (two pairs of Lucchese boots) or have little to no support in their soles to begin with (a killer pair of All Saints Damisi boots–a famous UK manufacturer of anything from footwear to clothing), how do you make enough room for the Dr. Sholl’s supportive slip-ins? I want to buy and install the gel one’s but I’ve got a “smaller foot size” problem. I wear a women’s 6.5 and the boots that need extra support already fit like a glove–great if I’m on a date and only have to walk a few minutes here and there but truly hell if I”m supposed to be properly mobile and functional for longer than 15 minutes.

Any advice would be appreciated! Cheers, Jennifer

My response is after the jump…
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Cuffed Pants and Boots

I received a message from a blog visitor who asked,

Despite living in Oklahoma for most of my life, I am new to cowboy boots. I recently treated myself to an entry level pair of Lucchese Boots. I love them — everything about them! The way they look, the way they feel on my feet, the way they smell, the way they make me feel while wearing them! I love them so much I bought another pair (Lucchese black cherry caiman belly) that were so deeply discounted I couldn’t pass up.

I’ve done a lot of research as to the “dos and dont’s” of boots. Your blog has been very helpful, btw! One thing I haven’t seen anywhere is whether its proper to wear cuffed pants with boots? I seem to recall hearing around these parts that one shouldn’t wear cuffed pants with boots and doing so identified you as a drugstore cowboy. While I’m not trying to look like a cowboy and I consider my style far more preppy than western, I don’t want to flaunt all the old conventions. What is your take on cuffed pants and boots? Thanks!

Great question! My thoughts follow after the jump…
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