Blog Friends

I have been writing this blog since January 2008; some 12+ years now. During that time, I have been contacted by people who had questions about something that I wrote about on this blog (boots, leather, or motorcycle riding, or combination thereof.)

Some of these contacts grew into deeper connections and friendships. Today I reflect…
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Blog Blown Up Again

I tried migrating to the HTTPS protocol, and once again, no images are showing on this blog. I’ve tried searching for answers… no luck. This is terribly confusing.

Until I can reach Support, please be patient. This blog may be restored soon… or it may not.

I hate this.

Life is short: thanks for your patience.

Riding To Break In Harness Boots

During the “stay-at-home” order period, which here in Maryland began March 30 and technically hasn’t ended (for good reason!), I was a good schnook and did just that — stayed home!

In mid-May, restrictions began to lift slightly for activities where you did not interact with people, including being able to ride my Harley for more than running errands to get groceries or to the pharmacy. (Or go skydiving, but that’s different.)

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Last Call: Chippewa Harness Boots

The iconic, rock-solid motorcycle harness boot made under the Chippewa label, model number 27868, aka “Street Warrior,” was discontinued by Justin Brands, the manufacturer, two years ago. The company has been slowly sending remaining stock for sale. When they’re gone, they will be gone forever.

Such a sad loss for the motorcycle boot world. Why did this happen?
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Galleries and Blog Software Conflict

Dear readers,

I am sorry that for about the last week, my website, its boot reviews and knowledgebase wiki and this blog were alternating between being “up” and visible, or parts of the website not being visible, the wiki was and was not working, or this blog disappearing and substituting with an error message about a PHP conflict.

My my my, what a nightmare.

You may not be aware that…
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Post 3000 Milestone

Well, it has been a while, but this blog reached a major milestone in having this post be the 3,000th post on this blog. I realize this year I have been posting much less frequently. Regardless, the blog lives on since it began in January, 2008, more than 12 years ago.

I did a little research from the all-knowing Dr. Google, and learned that for “hobby blogs” like this one…
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