Tecovas Boots: 3 Pairs In

It has been a while since I wrote about Tecovas Boots. I received an email recently that inquired:

Tecovas claims their boots are the same quality as boots costing twice as much. Since you own a pair of Tecovas what quality would you compare them to? I personally own Dan Post, Tony Lama, and Heritage Boots from Austin. Tecovas seems to imply they have the same quality as Lucchese. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Sure… happy to respond, and thanks for the question!

My past two reviews of Tecovas Boots (see “related links” below) have been rather neutral while I was still evaluating the fit. My first pair of Tecovas boots, light brown (“desert”) calf were…
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More on Discontinued Chippewa Boots

I received a comment on my blog post about whether or not lug-sole Chippewa Firefighter Boots (27422, “Ruttman”) were no longer manufactured. The author of the comment had a similar experience that I did when trying to find out about current production from the manufacturer, Justin Brands. Their marketing kids are rather clueless, and only know how to respond with prepared “canned” cut-and-paste replies.

While pondering the situation regarding discontinuance and lack of availability of some of the most popular Chippewa boots, I visited Chippewa’s website and was astounded when I discovered…
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False Assumption: “No Kids? Lots of Free Time”

I am growing more and more annoyed with some members of my large, extended family, who tell me, “you don’t have any kids, so you don’t know what it’s like to be busy what with scheduling play dates, soccer practice, and car pools to school.” I’ve also heard, “since you are in a ‘two-guy’ relationship, you’ve got so much help doing all the work around the house that you must have a lot of free time.”

Nothing is further from the truth; however, …
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Community Restores Christmas Spirit

I admit, since Thanksgiving, I have been a bit down. My spouse’s health remains a serious problem that no matter what I do and how hard we and medical professionals try, his persistent symptoms have been intractable.

Then we have the mother-in-law, who is hanging on by a thread. She has no interest in living and no quality of life. She is a tough old bird, but her painfully slow demise is awful to witness. I am dreading…
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Well, I am not the only one who detests that new “block” editor that came with the so-called “upgrade” for WordPress (what powers this blog.) I read many rants about it on a forum when I was looking for…
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