Tribute: “Stompers” Mike McNamee

I was saddened to learn that Mike McNamee, former owner of Stompers Boots of San Francisco, died on Thursday, August 23, after a brief illness.

His death was a shock to me. I had last spoken with him by phone in December. I feel badly that I had let so much time pass before trying to get in touch again.

I think it is safe to say that Mike was about the most profound influence on “booting Booted Harleydude” than any other. Read on for some stories…
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Riding Bikes

I have an ongoing dialogue with buddies who ride bicycles. They talk about being a “biker.” I say, “ha! I am a biker… you are a bicyclist. There is a difference between riding a BIKE and a toy!”

This banter continues among and with my die-hard bicycle-riding friends.

However, as an example of good sportsmanship with my twin great nephews, I did not quibble words when they asked me to…
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Spouse Loves Me

Despite the challenges that Spouse is having with his health, and despite the ongoing emotional strain in dealing with his mother’s decline to the point of being on hospice care, Spouse gave me a present for my birthday that I truly appreciate.

What? New leather, new boots, new Harley?

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Where I Have Been

This has been the longest break I have taken for this blog, and am sorry about that. My Spouse’s health and his mother’s health, plus travel for work compounded my time available for anything else, including blogging.

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