Thankful Redux

Another year of our feastival is over. We were pleased to host 96 senior pals on Thanksgiving, with 10 members of my family helping to orchestrate the festivities. Lots of smiling faces throughout the day, some singing by the piano, some football watching in the basement (for those so inclined, not including me) and tons of food.

We had a great time ensuring that no senior would be alone on Thanksgiving. We fostered new friendships, rekindled old, and helped people make connections with others to form tighter bonds of community.

I was totally blown out of my boots and non-plussed when…
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Is Being Thankful Bragging?

thankful3I follow posts on a popular social network and observe that for the month of November, some of my friends have posted a daily, “I’m thankful today for…” and then they mention spouses, children, family, and even bosses … as well as their community, religious institution or place of worship, and more.

There has been some observable backlash about these posts. A few others have posted negative comments about the “thankful” posts as appearing to be bragging. “So what if you have a husband and are thankful for his love and support!” someone wrote on a friend’s post. Or “so what that you have a nice house. I lost mine last year in a foreclosure and am barely making ends meet!” another one grumbled on another friend’s message.

For several years around this time of year, I have posted a blog about how grateful and thankful I am. Is that boastful or bragging? Should I continue to do that?
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