Five Tips for Boots (aka “Hacks”)–Part 3 Maintaining Shine

Continuing my series about tips for boots after a busy weekend, when I pulled on a pair of my favorite motorcycle boots — Chippewa Firefighters — yesterday as I prepared to go for a ride with some buddies, I reminded myself about the easy trick on how to keep these boots ultra-shiny and good-looking.

So if you are a guy like me who likes good-looking boots but really hates spending time shining them…
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Are Chippewa Boots Worth the Wait?

rp_Chipshine29.jpgChippewa boots, made in the USA, are good-quality boots. They make a very large number of models of boots from motorcycle, logger, packer, hiking, and work boot styles, among others.

I have always been amazed by the huge variety of boots that Chippewa offers. But that variety has its pluses and minuses — the worst of the negatives includes…
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A Guy’s Daily Boot Care

Chipshinelug28I admit it — I am a typical guy when it comes to things like caring for boots. I don’t want to take time to strip wax, condition the leather, and build a mirror shine finish on my leather boots. Well, I have a few exceptions, but the general rule is: pull ’em on or lace ’em up, mount the saddle of my Harley, and be off.

Who wants to waste time shining boots? Conditioning leather? I have more important things to do than sit around fiddling with boot care products.

Yep, I’m a typical guy when it comes to this stuff. Many motorcops I know feel the same way.

So what does THIS Bootman do when confronted with questions via email asking, “since you have so many boots, you must care for them. What do you recommend?”
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Packing A Ride Into a Packed Weekend

Bikeme1One of my longest-held gripes about working full-time is that “they” have it all backwards. We should work two days and have five days for weekends. (LOL).

This past two days was packed, and involved managing a day of exceptional cold with snow flurries, work-booted demolition, dusty boot-n-wranglered supplies calculations, socks-with-sweats pasta making, chasing ten LOLITS, a ride on my Harley, electrical repair, hair chop, and even some “down time” with the spouse.

To give you a glimpse of what I do on weekends, read on…
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Chippewa Engineer Boots on Cops

rp_McopHOGmag.jpgI received a copy of the latest edition of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle police magazine the other day. The front cover and inside spread featured an article about the 105th anniversary of the Milwaukee Police Motorcycle Unit.

The article had a few photos of the large unit lined up on their Harley police bikes at the Harley-Davidson motorcycle museum in Milwaukee. What boots were the cops wearing?
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Boot Size: Manufacturers’ Dirty Little Secret

rp_Chipshine29.jpgI was communicating with someone the other day via email. The guy had concerns about the fit of Chippewa high-shine engineer boots (model 71418). He said that he bought a pair of the boots and that they caused severe, bleeding blisters and injuries on his toes. Through ongoing dialogue, he was blaming the steel toe and inflexibility of the boot’s foot to cause these problems. He asked more about fitting of the boots and differences in choosing larger, smaller, wider or medium-width sizing.

What I told him is a dirty little secret of boot manufacturers. Read on to learn what that secret is.
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Most Internet Searched Boots II

This post describes the top 5 most frequently searched boots or boot styles that direct visitors to my website using Google Webmaster Tools anonymous data. It follows from yesterday’s post that described rankings 10 to 6.

Here are the boots/boot styles most frequently searched from ranking of 5 to number one…
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Boot Care

Chipharness99I own and wear many pairs of cowboy boots and motorcycle boots. From time to time, I receive emails asking for information on how I care for them. I have been asked, for example, “how often do you shine your boots?”

A loyal follower of this blog recently wrote to me and said that he searched this blog for information on boot care and could not find such info. I will fix that with this post.

How does BHD recommend caring for boots?
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